Individual Accounts Irish Volunteers 1913-1923

/Individual Accounts Irish Volunteers 1913-1923

Joseph P. McGuinness

Joseph P. McGuinness (10 April 1875 – 31 May 1922) was an Sinn Fein politician who was elected as member of parliament  (MP) for South Longford at by-election in 1917. He was re-elected as MP for the new Longford constituency at the 1918 election.. McGuinness was serving a prison term when he was elected to Westminster and among those who worked on [...]

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Volunteer IRA Actions

Shipool Castle and wood land road Where Barry and his men waited in vain for Percivals Essex Regiment That were stationed at Charles Fort Kinsale.The British were said to be tipped off. Over three hundred earlier The Great O'Neill passed this way, in the last major battle for Gaelic Ireland in 1601 at Kinsale. The [...]

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Mícheál Ó Droighneáin (Michael Thornton,) . OC East Connemara Brigade IRA

By:Cormac O'Comhrai The old school in Furbo, Co. Galway. OC East Connemara Brigade, Mícheál Ó Droighneáin (Michael Thornton) was a teacher in the school. Local legend has it that the school was raided while he was teaching. Crown Forces rushed in, kids were still sitting at their desks and looking out the window towards the [...]

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James Cunningham IRA

By James langton;   James Cunningham was from Drogheda County Louth and like his father he was a tailor. He served in Jacob’s Factory during the Rising. After the surrender he was detained in Richmond Barracks, on the 2nd of May he was removed from Richmond Barracks and sent to Knutsford detention Barracks where he [...]

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