Information Required on Members of the Irish Volunteers

/Information Required on Members of the Irish Volunteers

Information Required IRA Volunteers July 11 2013

My grandfather's brother, Frank Harte, was in the 3rd Northern Division Old IRA. He was born in Belfast (13 May 1901) & passed away (2 Sept 1956) in Dublin. I'm keen to find out more information about his role in the ware of independence & thereafter. Frank Harte ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Where is the Fire Brigade museum [...]

Information Required IRA members April 16,2013.

Would you please be able to tell me if it is possible to get a copy of the cert for the Oglaig na hEireann that was issued to my grandfarther Joseph Sartini Regards, John Curley -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------My grandfather, David Francis Ryder, was in the Mayo Flying Column. If there are any events involving this group, would [...]

information required Irish Volunteers – December 18 2012

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Information required on my Grandfather and his brother,both were Volunteers in IRA in early 1900s My Grandad Frank Brandon 1900-1966 and lived in Dun Laoghaire, and his brother Willie Hunter,who was older,but i dont have his birth or death date. My Grandads brother willie,was older and more senior in IRA,and i was told he [...]

Information Required Irish Volunteers 1916 etc

Hi.. My grandfather Robert (Bobby) Grace, Logan St., Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny was a member of the old IRA. My mother has his two medals. Would you have any information on him? Thanks ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I would, however, like to find out more about the use of radio or wireless in the Rising of 1916 and later.  [...]

Information required on IRA Members

James McGovern Trying to trace involvement of James McGovern (Co Fermanagh), student at St Patrick's College, Drumcondra and member of IRB, was very quiet about his past and also very proud of  his yellow/black pin and ribbon. I believe he ceased his teacher training and became involved militarly. I think he may have met up [...]

George Gilmore, officer in the South Dublin Brigade, Dublin No 2 brigade,Information Required

In currently writing the biography of George Gilmore who until July 1922 was an officer in the South Dublin Brigade, I have recently received about 100 pages from the National Library of Ireland, providing revealing information about the Dublin No 2 Brigade, confirming what he said that after Blessington when the South Dublin was extinguished, [...]