Information Required on Members of the Irish Volunteers

/Information Required on Members of the Irish Volunteers

Information required on Irish Volunteers charles Daly & Hayes Cork Brigades

We have been contacted by a family member of Volunteers requiring information. The first 3 pics seem to relate to a Hayes, and it seems from the pics that some of the volunteers joined the Gardai/civic Guard, and some went anti-Treaty. The other pics and information relate to Charles Daly taken out/executedby the British. If [...]

William Oman, Irish Citizen Army, Information required

I am currently researching the role my family played between the Easter Rising and the end of the Civil War. My great-grandfather was William Oman, Irish Citizen Army. He played 'The Last Post' after Pearse's speech at the funeral of O'Donovan Rossa and sounded the 'Fall-In' at Liberty Hall on Easter Monday Morning 1916. He [...]