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Irish Volunteer Commemorative Organisation Memorabilia on Display

1916-armband-150x150Hello all, We have been asked to put up more pictures of memorabilia that we have on display around the country. Please see the pictures below. These include Irish volunteer cap badges, Irish war of Independence medals, 1916 Rising medals, also firearms of the period.

Irish Medals & Awards Information

Irish War of Independence General Service Medal  (aka the "Black & Tan Medal" ). The numbers below refer to those with the comrac bar and those without the comrac bar. The Black and Tan  Comrac Bar medal: The Black and Tan Comrac Bar medal , the comrac bar medal was for combatants only [...]

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Irish War Of Independence Medals

STATEMENT BY THE MINISTER FOR DEFENCE ADJOURNMENT DEBATE – SEANAD EIREANN 17 May 2006 The need for the Minister for Defence, in view of the great success of the recent Easter 1916 commemorations, to clarify the current arrangements for the replacement of 1916 and War of Independence medals; and if he has any proposals to [...]

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