Cork Volunteer Memorials

//Cork Volunteer Memorials

Captain Timothy Kennefick Cork IRA

Captain Tadhg Kennifick, Cork No. 1 Brigade IRA, who was killed by the Free State Army on the 8th September 1922, while on the way to his mothers' funeral. He received a horrific death, under the orders of General Dalton, who had him dragged behind the back of a Free State truck, while his hands [...]

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Sean Hales O.C. Bandon Battalion of the IRA 1918-21

By : James Langton Monument – Erected by former comrades of Sean Hales. He was the O.C. Bandon Battalion of the IRA 1918-21, a TD in South Cork1921-22 and Brig General in the New Free State Army 1922. Another memorial once stood at this site due to a dispute over a grave in Christchurch graveyard. [...]

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Manchester Martyrs monument

By Joe Healy: Manchester Martyrs monument pictured today (4/6/13) at Ladysbridge, near Castlemartyr, Co. Cork.  

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Seamus Quirke Lt. in the Fianna Eireann Cork

 Seamus Quirke as a Lt. in the Fianna Eireann. Shot to death by British Auxiliaries in Galway, Sept. 9, 1920. H Co., 2nd Battalion, 1st Cork Brigade.  A Black-and-Tan lorry driver named Krumm had spent the evening drinking. In one pub he boasted about his aim and insisted on setting up a row of bottles as targets [...]

Cork IRA Memorials

3 rd wrest Cork Brigade The monument at Derrygallon, North Cork. Memorial to Edward Waters, Timothy Kiely and David Herlihy of Cork No. 2 Brigade, shot dead during a British army roundup on the Boggera Mountains near Nadd in February 1921. Memorial to Edward Waters, Timothy Kiely and David Herlihy of Cork [...]

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Thomas Kent, Cork Volunteers

Thomas Kent (Irish Tomás Ceannt; 1865 – 9 May 1916) was an Irish Nationalist  court-martialled and executed following a gunfight with the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) on 2 May 1916, in the immediate aftermath of the Easter Rising. Thomas Kent's Grave, Cork. The Easter Rising Kent was part of a prominent nationalist family who lived at Bawnard House, [...]

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I.R.A. Cork No.1 Brigade St.Finbarrs Cemetery Republican Plot

We paid a visit to the Cork No.1 Brigade Republican plot in St. Finbarr's Cemetery this month. Please see the attached pics. Sorry to say that some of the headstones are in need of a cleaning, we will do this soon. There are some 60 men of Cork 1 Brigade buried in this plot, but [...]

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Commandant Seán Ó Donoghue, Cork No.1 Brigade IRA

Commandant Seán Ó Donoghue Cork IRA No.1 Brigade Commandant Seán Ó Donoghue, Mitchelstown, Co. Cork. Murdered outside the Delaney Brothers house, Dublin Hill, Cork on September 28th 1922. Seán Ó Donoghue was born in Gurteeabowl, Mitchelstown, in 1898. Having completed his education he was employed in the warehouse of Messrs. Dwyer in Cork [...]