An Irish Volunteers History 1913-1922

/An Irish Volunteers History 1913-1922
  • Save Moore Street

The occupation of Moore Street 2016

The IVCO Irish Volunteers Commemorative Organisation flag atop the Moore Street buildings, many organisations, societies, political parties and none are in support of the occcupiers. The people of Ireland do not want the destruction of this site which is the “last battleground of the 1916 Rising. For those of the GPO Garrison their last place of military action was at Moore Street and Henry Place. The last headquarters of the Provisional Government of the Republic was in Moore Street. Each of the sixteen houses in the terrace of houses from no. 10 to 25 Moore had a major significance to the Volunteers. It’s only idiots like revisionists think that only four houses (nos. 14 to 17) have any significance at all.” (Pat Collender) […]

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Raising the Flags

Raising the Flags today at the front of the Ambassador were Garry O’Brien, Irish Volunteers Commemorative Organisation, James Connolly Heron for Irish Citizen Army, and Irish Republican Brotherhood president Billy McGuire. […]

Mount Street Bridge 1916

By Denis Roe On Easter Monday James Grace, Patrick Roe and Michael Burn arrival at Mount Street Bridge around 11:30am. Lieutenant Micheál Malone told Grace to take Roe and Byrne with him and cover the gates of Beggars Bush Barracks. Later Malone  told Grace they were to take possession of Number 25 Northumberland Road. […]

  • 1871 Mausers

1871 Mausers

Irish Volunteer Commemorative Organisation 1871 Mausers on display at the Roddy McCorley Museum in Belfast, these and many more items will be on display at the Ambabassador theatre. On the way for Ambassador, O’Connell St,Dublin for 33 weeks in 2016…. Tickets for the anniversary dates of Easter 25th – 28th March, Rising Anniversary dates April 24th -29th and Execution dates 3rd – 12th May will be specially marked to show you were there. Book now […]

History of Cumann na MBan

This is the final part of Eithne Ni Chumhaill’s History of Cumann na MBan, the Women’s supporting brigade for the IRA (shortened) Published in 1933 (first part already sent out), reprinted in Saoirse, Dec. 2014 […]

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  • Spike Island Remembrance Event

Spike Island Republican Remembrance event June 27 and 28, 2015

The Irish Volunteers Commemorative Organisation has a small display and Information desk at an event on Spike Island on June 27 and June 28, 2015. The event was a Republican memorial weekend to all the several hundred Irish Republican prisoners who were interned on Spike Island over the many years as its use as a [...]

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‘Paid informants in Irish Secret Societies 1886-1910’

On next Wednesday 17th June 2015 Barry Keane, author of 'Massacre in West Cork', will challenge the British Home Office, the Metropolitan Police and the United Kingdom Information Commissioners at a tribunal in London to release the contents of a file listed as 'paid informants in Irish Secret Societies 1886-1910'. The case listed as EA/2015/0013 Keane v HO and [...]

  • Frank Busteed and Eamonn De Valera

Tom Barry and Frank Busteed, Serial Killers?

Letters to the Editor. In his column last week, Kevin Myers referred to my grandfather, Frank Busteed, as a 'serial killer'. It is a historically and militarily deranged comment. It is also unfortunately all too typical of Mr. Myers' commentary on the war of Independence, in which my grandfather as proud to serve. Yes, he [...]

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