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  • Cathal Brugha, Irish patriot


CATHAL BRUGHA: IRISH PATRIOT By Irish Volunteers Commemorative Organisation member Chris Mooney “When many of us are forgotten Cathal Brugha will be remembered” –  Michael Collins   YOUNG CHARLES He was born on 18 July 1874 and baptised Charles William St John Burgess by his parents, Thomas Burgess a businessman and Mary Ann Burgess [nee Flynn]. The Burgess family’s roots in Ireland are deep but they had their origins in Picardy, Northern France, according to Tomás Ó Dochartaigh, Cathal Brugha’s nephew and biographer[1].  […]

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  • Ernest Blythe obituary

Ernest Blythe Irish Revolutionary-Obituary 1975


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Michael Staines, IRB, Irish Volunteers and first Garda Commissioner

Michael Staines signed book, "With the Irish in Frongoch", now in the possession of the Irish Volunteers Commemorative Organisation. Michael Staines (1885 – 26 October 1955) was an Irish republican and politician. He was born in Newport, County Mayo, his mother Margaret's home village, and where his father Edward was serving as a [...]

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Frank Busteed letter to the editor Irish Times

Brian O'Donoghue, I.V.C.O. member and grandson of Frank Busteed, has written two letters to the Irish Times in response to Stephen Collins' article on Frank Busteed. Neither have been published, so we publish them here.

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Captain Tim Madigan Limerick IRA Shanagolden

Capt. Tim Madigan, Timothy, born 11 Jan 1897, Shanagolden, Co.Limerick, educ Mungret College, Limerick, 1911-13, as a boarder, returned to farm at family home, Clashganniff House, became interested in the Gaelic revival and Irish nationalism, joined Gaelic League and Sinn Fein, played Gaelic football for Foynes, helped form Shanagolden company of Irish Volunteers in May [...]

The grave of the Commander in chief of IRA Kilcrumper cemetery,Co Cork.

Today,August 16,2014,We paid a small visit to the grave  of the Commander in chief of IRA, Kilcrumper cemetery,Co Cork. Photo's below: General Liam Lynch      


In the odd chance you might find this of interest for your readers Journalist David Lawlor  has dealt w/ the matter of PTSD in his novel TAN This  blog  deals  w/ the problems my father dealt w/ subsequent to the deaths of Volunteers Liam Scully at Kilmallock,  Pat Keating, Sean Fitzgerald at the Burgery , [...]

David Neligan

By Mike Vearnals; David Neligan (1899–1983), known by his soubriquet "The Spy in the Castle", was an important figure involved in the Irish War of Independence 1919-1921, and subsequently became Director of Intelligence for the Irish Army after the Irish Civil War.

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