Irish War of Independence Figures

/Irish War of Independence Figures

Tom Clarke

Thomas James "Tom" Clarke (Irish: Tomás Séamus Ó Cléirigh; 11 March 1858 – 3 May 1916) was an Irish revolutionary leader and arguably the person most responsible for the 1916 Easter Rising. A proponent of violent revolution for most of his life, he spent 15 years in prison. Following his release he organized the Easter [...]

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Noel Lemass

By Michael McKenna Many thanks to Michael McKenna for contributing this article. CORONERS INQUEST FILES THE DEATH OF NOEL LEMASS Inquest of Noel Lemass October 1923 National Archives 1B-93-11A Page 2 The Winter Sleep of Captain Lemass 1923 The life of the country Hardened against you Like frost, and a new front Opened—brother against brother, [...]

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Eamon de Valera

By Andrew Maxwell: Eamon Develara 1951 at Dick Mckee monument finglas village By James Langton: Dev By James Langton: Dev beneath Griffith By James Langton: Dev and his sons leaving Glasnevin after the burial of his son Brian de Valera. Brian was killed in a horse riding accident [...]

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Lt. General Joe McKelvey

By Mike Vearnals: LT. GENERAL JOE McKELVEY 8th DECEMBER 1922 Executed by firing squad by Free State Troops in Mountjoy Jail in Dublin, alongside Rory O’Connor, Liam Mellows and Richard Barrett. Their only guilt was that they opposed the Treaty. Joe McKelvey, although born in Stewartstown, Co. Tyrone, grew up in Cyprus Street, Belfast [...]

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Joseph Mary Plunkett

Joseph Mary Plunkett (Irish: Seosamh Máire Pluincéid, 21 November 1887 – 4 May 1916) was an Irish nationalist, poet, journalist, and a leader of the 1916 Easter Rising. Plunkett was born at 26 Upper Fitzwilliam Street in one of Dublin's most affluent neighborhoods. Both his parents came from wealthy backgrounds,and his father, George Noble Plunkett, [...]

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Elizabeth O’Farrell

By Eamon Murphy Elizabeth O'Farrell (1884-1957) acted as a dispatcher before and during the Rising, delivering bulletins and instructions to the rebel outposts around Dublin. She was one of three women, including Winifred Carney, who remained in the G.P.O. until the end of the Rising. Along with her lifelong friend and fellow nurse, Sheila Grenan, [...]

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Cathal Brugha

Cathal Brugha, born Charles William St. John Burgess (18 July 1874 – 7 July 1922) was an Irish revolutionary and politician, active in the Easter Rising, Irish War of Independence, and the Irish Civil War and was the first Ceann Comhairle (chairman) of Dáil Éireann. Brugha was born in Dublin of mixed Roman Catholic and [...]

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