Pádraic Ó Máille

By Cormac O'Comhrai: Pádraic Ó Máille: Sinn Féin TD 1918-1921, active in the IRA in west Connemara. Supported the Treaty. Badly wounded in the attack that left Seán Hales TD dead and led to the execution of Mellows, O'Connor, McKelvey and Barrett. Recognising the need for reconciliation the following year he told a meeting in [...]

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Irish Volunteers Wynn’s Hotel Dublin Exhibition and Display 28 Sept 2013

11512_10151651720400689_2139884849_nYesterday, The Irish Volunteers Commemorative Organisation held an outstanding exhibition in Wynn's Hotel in Dublin's city centre. It was a fantastic success, and we were delighted with the massive turn out and interest. Members of the general public brought family heirlooms along to share, display, and make enquiries about their relatives who took part in the period. It was great to meet our esteemed colleagues from Cork and Belfast, who are the backbone of the Organisation. Great to meet members of the Committee team again, Garry O'Brien, Brian Crowley and John Sweeney in particular who always give us (Dublin members) a very warm welcome when visiting Cork.

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Archbishop Mannix Memorial Weekend

1176382_631356743552340_1556344030_nThe Irish Volunteers Commemorative Organisation gave an exhibition in Charleville, Co. Cork on September 14, 2013. There was a good turnout and it was great to meet the general public. It was nice, too, to meet Eamon de Valera's extended family and there were many old tales told. Patrick J. Mannix, historian and organiser for the weekend celebrations, presented the I.V.C.O. with a very nice medallion of Archbishop Mannix. We will be happy to display it at our future exhibitions.

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18 Pounder Shell from the 1916 Rising

An 18 pounder shell from the 1916 Rising has come in to the artifacts on display from the Irish Volunteers Commemorative Organisation. During the 1916 Rising ,the Irish Volunteers entrenched themselves in many buildings,the British decided to use artillery to root them out. From Wednesday on, Liberty Hall, the GPO and other buildings in Sackville [...]

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Prospect of Commemorative plaques to the Auxilaries at Kilmichael Ambush site

UPDATED: Seán Kelleher, secretary of the Kilmichael Historical Society, which along with the Kilmichael and Crossbarry Commemoration Committee is behind the development of the site, has denied that the auxiliaries would be commemorated. http://www.irishexaminer.com/ireland/british-forces-will-not-be-commemorated-at-kilmichael-ambush-site-239891.html It is rumoured that there are proposals to have commemorative plaques to the British Auxilaries and believe it or not a [...]