Clonmult Ambush Memorial IRA Cork No. 1 Brigade

///Clonmult Ambush Memorial IRA Cork No. 1 Brigade

Name of memorial: Clonmult Ambush Memorial

Place: 1 km north-west of Clonmult

Address and map reference:  Clonmult, Co. Cork. Map reference: W 916 828

Position: In a field beside a farmhouse. The memorial is on the site of the original house used by the I.R.A.

Description and dimensions: Celtic cross on a high base. Height 200cms, width 100cms

Recorded by: Michael Dolan, January, 2008.

Bottom picture, in Clonmult village, memorial to Cork IRA NO. 1 Brigade Killed in action at Clonmult action.

Clonmult Ambush Memorial

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  1. Oliver Horgan April 23, 2013 at 10:10 am

    I believe there was an Athlone man amongst the men that were killed in Clonmult. Was he Michael Hallihan or what was his name ? Are there any of his relations still alive ? There is a Republican Plot in the Holy Rosary Church graveyard in Midleton where those who lost their lives in Clonmult are buried. It is very well kept and for those with an interest in Irish history is well worth visiting.

    • Eamon May 7, 2013 at 4:44 pm

      Hi Oliver. The poor sod from Athlone that was shot was called Joseph Morrissey. There is an terrace of houses in Castlemartyr named after him.
      If your interested there is a book written by my brother Thomas which is very detailled about the event called simply the battle of Clonmult.

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