Eamon de Valera

By Andrew Maxwell:

Eamon Develara 1951 at Dick Mckee monument finglas village

By James Langton:


By James Langton:

Dev beneath Griffith

By James Langton:

Dev and his sons leaving Glasnevin after the burial of his son Brian de Valera. Brian was killed in a horse riding accident in the Pheonix Park Dublin.Just as an added bit of info: The headstone over Devs grave is the very first one placed there for his son Brian, with Dev and the wife being added to it later. Other members of the family are buried either side. Sean McEntee is buried directly behind Dev, and has a more or less identicle headstone as Dev.

By JL:

by James Langton:

The bold Dev

By P.J. O’Neill:

Reception for Dev

By James Langton:

Todd Andrews with Dev. Todd was the father of “This Is Your Life” host Eamon Andrews

By James Langton:

Here is one of Dev sporting a beard. Taken around 1923

By James Langton:

Dev out for a walk in Sandymount 1932. A detective keeps up

By James Langton:

Dev in pilot gear anf Frank Aiken on the left

Earliest photo of Dev, aged two and a half here

Dev being released from Arbour Hill

Dev 1938

Dev revisits his childhood home in bruree

By James Langton:

A nice clear shot of Dev during the elections in Clare

Dev with his mother Catherine Coll

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  1. Tony Clyne January 3, 2013 at 12:52 pm

    One photo of Dev with Todd Andrews states that Todd Andrews was father of Eamonn Andrews.That is not true Todd was father of former minister of foreign affairs David Andrews and the late MEP Chris Andrews and grandfather of former TD Barry Andrews.

  2. Joe Healy December 31, 2012 at 3:12 pm

    Some great photos there …

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