IRA Hunger Strikers -Wormwood scrubs

//IRA Hunger Strikers -Wormwood scrubs

By John O’Driscoll:



wormwoods scrubs


 I added Prison numbers

to the names I had on record.

There were about 20 other internees in Cornwallis Infirmary which really              was a Workhouse..

The other Infirmary Hospitals used were Marylebonr -Ladbroke Grove ,
St James’ Wandsworth, St Mary’s Highgate,Metropolitan Hospital.
More Internees wer discharged direct without medical attention in the
clothes they came in and without rail passes etc.,
(courtesey Cork Archives)
wormswoods scrubs IRA
IRA Hungerstrikers
(courtesey Cork Archives)
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P1470184 (2)
wormwoodscrubs govt report
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