Irish Medals & Awards Information

//Irish Medals & Awards Information

Irish War of Independence General Service Medal  (aka the “Black & Tan Medal” ).

The numbers below refer to those with the comrac bar and those without the comrac bar.

The Black and Tan  Comrac Bar medal:

The Black and Tan Comrac Bar medal , the comrac bar medal was for combatants only

Numbers issued:
The numbers below refer to those with the comrac bar and those without the comrac bar. One can see that there were at least 10 strikings of the Black & tan medal of both types, this can be seen in slight differences in the medals themselves. There were 15,224 Black and Tan medals with the  Comrac  bar issued and 47,644 without the Comrac bar issued. These figures cannot be exact as there were also replacement and late awards later on, so, they have to treated as approximately.
16th June 1941                                      10,000
22nd October 1942                                15,000
26th October 1945                                 3,000
28th May 1947                                       4,500
10th March 1949                                    1,500
7th November 1949                                3,000
16th June 1950                                      5,000
10th November 1951                              6,000
17th June 1953                                      6,700
3rd October 1957                                   2,500

2,411    issued.

DESIGNER :  Corporal Gerard O’Neill, Corps of Engineers, Irish Army.
MANUFACTURERS :  The Jewellery and Metal Manufacturing Co. Ltd and
P. Quinn Ltd.

DESIGNER :  Corporal Gerard O’Neill, Corps of Engineers, Irish Army.
PRODUCERS : P. Quinn Ltd  and The Jewellery and Metal Manufacturing Co. Ltd .

Die struck in bronze, a slain cuchulain to front with the raven perched on his shoulder(signifying that he was indeed dead),

“SEACTMAIN NA CASGA 1916” to rear, meaning Easter week1916.

1916 Rising Medal


1916 Rising medal 1966 Survivors Medal

issued to mark the 50th anniversary of the Rising in 1966.

968 medals issued.

Producer :  Jewellery and Metal Mfg. Co. Ltd, Dublin.


1921 – 1971 Survivors Medal  Truce medal
(Truce Medal About 19,000)


1939 – 1946 Emergency Medal
all types (Approximate, 240,000)

Irish Army Emergency medal

Cumann Na Bhan Brooches. Currently Unknown

Cumann na Mban Badge Brooch

Cumann Na mBan Badges. Around 40


Cumann na mBan badge gold cap badge


Na Fianna Medal

Issued in 1959 to mark the 5oth anniversary of the founding of the Fianna. Approximately 2,000 medals  issued, privately issued by the Fianna, a non-government issue medal.

Na Fianna medal with members card

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  1. Brian Harrington (Ó hÚrdail) June 9, 2012 at 12:07 pm

    A Chairde

    My grandfather had the Black and Tan medal. His name was Stephen Harrington. He lived and, I believe, fought in Cork. He died in 1950 in Cork.

    I am doing some family history research and wondering if there is a roll of honour or other sources of information about him.

    Mise le meas


  2. Frank Hanratty July 11, 2011 at 3:11 pm

    Just received the black and tan ‘comrac’, the 15,224 mintage and the 1939-1946 emergency medal. Would you give me a rough idea on their value? Both are in nice condition and authentic.

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