Irish war of Independence Engagements and Incidents PART 2

//Irish war of Independence Engagements and Incidents PART 2

By James Langton:

A collection being made in Dublin for the Prisoner Dependants fund 1920

By Sven Kube:

The commanding officer of the "Aud" (Libau), Kapitän z. S. Karl Spindler. (Bild aus Bildarchiv des Heimatvereins Siebengebirge, Königswinter)

By James Langton:

Photo of the Basement of the GPO after the Rising

Inside the GPO

By Johnny Doyle:

commander of the U-19 sub that brought Sir Roger Casement etc back to Ireland. He was previously the torpedo officer on U-20 which sank the RMS Lusitania. The U-20 should have been on this mission but had developed a faulty rudder.

by James Langton:

Another view of the Customs House under attack

By James langton:

Clearing Abbey Street after the Rising

By James langton:

Howth gun running

By James langton:

Very rare photo: Father O'Flannagan's funeral passing Liberty Hall on its way to Glasnevin. This man by the way is a relative of Ming Flanagan T.D.

By Mike Vearnals:

Liberty Hall 1916

By MV:

Liberty hall

By MV:

Irish Republic Flag Captured,

Ronnie Daly: they were british officers who took part in the 1916 rising the flag was taken from the roof of the gpo it is up side down in the rifil the flag is now in the museem in collins bks.

Terry Fagan: The flag was handed back to Taoiseach Sean Lemass in 1966 on the 50th anniversary of the Easter Rising by the British ambassador to Ireland on behalf of the British government.

By James langton:

Dublin got some hammering in 1916 boys

by JL:

By James Langton:

Another victory pose with the reversed flag of the republic at the Parnell monument 1916. The group shot was posted earlier. I have another somewhere of a soldier standing on his own with it.

By JL:

Return of IRA prisoners

The handover of the Bank Of Ireland. Shaking hands are Deputy Commisioner Barret and Captain Haylet. The officer standing in between them is the bold Vinny Byrne of the Squad.

By James Langton:

1916 Dublin

By James Langton:

Sinn Fein offices on Parnell Sq being raided

By JL:

Tan War. Note the cage over the troop carrier to prevent grenades being thrown in. An old ex Irish Guard/Irish Soldier once told me that a man came up with the idea of attaching three pieces of line with fishing hooks on each to the bombs which then would hook on the cage. I cant remember the guys name who he mentioned, but I do remember he was known throughout the ranks as the Hook Murphy. The only snag I believe was that the guy throwing the grenade had to be very careful so as to not get the hooks caught in his sleeve when lobbing it

by JL:

Lancers in O'Connell Street 1916. The dead Lancers killed in the first charge of the Rising on the GPO are all buried in Grangegorman Cemetery. When you go in the gate, they are over on the extreme right.

By James Langton:

Where Kevin O'Higgins was shot in Booterstown on his way to mass. The church where he was heading is down the road along the coast, just down from the punchbowl pub. An "X" inscribed into the pavement where he fell is still there to this day.

By Eamon Murphy:

Church Street 1916

By Frank Callery :

a shot of the other end of Moore Street at the North east junction with Henry Street. Numbers 1-4 were flattened. This is the rubble tidies up within ten days of the Rising, so you can imagine the rough terrain over which the lads had to make their way to defendable buildings, with fire coming from the barricade at the other end of the street — see first picture. Hope this adds to the story

By Terry Fagan:

Here is a very rear photograph which was giving to me as part of a batch of old photographs taken after the 1916 Easter Rising. It shows More Lane looking down from Parnell Street. The bullet ridden house is sometimes known “As the white house” This is the house the men and women had to run past to get onto More Street. There was an old horse dray thrown across the lane to block the British Army machine gun fire coming down at them. Believe it or not part of the building is still there. If you take a copy of the photograph down to the lane. Stand back a look at the building thats there. You can make out the old house in amongst the renovation that was carried out on the old house.

By Terry fagan:

Another rear one from the batch of old photographs giving to me. The Funeral Of O’Donovan Rossa, 01-Aug.1915.

By Terry Fagan:

Here is a very rear photograph which was giving to me. It shows IRA men training just before the Easter Rising

Photograph, shows a Jacob's lorry making its way through the rubble after the 1916 Easter Rising.

by Terry fagan:

This Photograph show the devastation after the British bombardment of Dublin City during 1916 Easter Rising.

by Mike Vearnals:

Rare pic of Republican prisoners at Frongoch

By James Langton:

A holy water font made from bone by a prisoner in Frongoch

By MV :

General Lucas (seated) as a prisioner of the I.R.A.'s East Clare Brigade.Was he the man who said, when asked how he was treated: I was treated like a gentleman, by gentlemen

by JL:

Dublin 1916 1916

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