Is mise an Ghaeilge Is mise do chultúr

//Is mise an Ghaeilge Is mise do chultúr

A little poem for Irish people, from Saoirse (Irish Freedom), September edition  jj



Is mise an Ghaeilge                                    I am the Irish language

Is mise do theanga                                      I am your tongue

Is mise do chultúr                                        I am your culture

Used by the poets was I  (to Irish speakers: this line seems to be missing in the Irish!)

D’úsaid  na huaisle.                                    Used by the nobility.

D’úsáid na daoine mé.                              Used by the people was I,

‘Is d’úsáid a leanaí                                      And used by the children.

Go bródúil a bhí siad                                 Proud were they

Agus mise faoi réim.                                  And I did flourish


Ach, tháinig an Strainséir,                        But came the Stranger

Chuir sé faoi chois mé.                              And trampled me under foot

Is rud ní ba mheasa..                                   But worse was to come   

Níor mhaith le mo chlann mé.                I was unloved by my children.


Anois táim lag.                                              Now I am weak

Anois táim théith                                         Now I am feeble

Ach fós táim libh.                                         But still I am with you

‘Is beidh mé…go deo.                                And will be forever.


Tóg suas mo cheann.                                  Lift up my head,

Cuir áthas ar mo chroí.                               Put joy in my heart

Labhraigí mé!                                                 Speak me!

Ó labhraigí mé!                                             Oh speak me!


Back row. J.O’Hogan. C.McNeil. D.T.Kellaher. FR.O’Reily. W.P.Ryan. P.’Byrne J Ewens. J.J.O’Kelly.
Second Row From Back. P.H.Pearse. (Executed 1916) J.McNeill (volunteers) J.O’Leary. F.McColuim. D.lynch. M.D. J.O’Keirsey.W.O’Looney. FR.Kiernan. J.H.Lyood. J.Casey. R.Archer.
Second Row From Front.C.O’Kelly. M.O’Sullivan. J.J.Doyle. Miss Johnson. R.J.O’Muirenn. J.McLeod. Rev Dr. Locran. Rev Dr Hickey. DR.Douglas Hyde. ( Future President) Miss. Kelly. Miss. O’Donaghue.. Miss. Kileen. Mr C.J.Murphy.
Front Row. John O’ Connor (Seana Sean) B.Barry. R.Gordon. T.Cancannon. P.J.Lawless. M.O.Hanrahan (executed 1916) E.O’Neill

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