Roger Casement monument at Banna Strand, Co. Kerry –
‘At a spot on Banna Strand adjacent to here Roger Casement – humanitarian and Irish revolutionary leader – Robert Monteith and a third man, came ashore from a German submarine on Good Friday morning 21st. April 1916 in furthering the cause of Irish freedom’

By Padraig O’Ruairc:

Memorial plaque to IRA Volunteer Partalan Murphy at Killarney Railway Station

Civil War memorial to the IRA Volunteers killed by the Free State Army at Countess Bridge, Killarney, Kerry in 1923.

By Padraig O’Ruairc:

The Republican monument Killarney, Kerry. When it was being erected a dispute about whose names should appear on the plinth meant that no names were ever added. A timely reminder as we approach the Centenary of 1916 that playing Civil War and party politics can derail the best laid patriotic plans!

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