Michael Collins Photo Files (F)

//Michael Collins Photo Files (F)

Michael Collins emerging at Earsfort Terrace 1922

By Chris Keane:

Michael Collins funeral

By Chris Keane:

Michael Collins intelligence file

By Mike Vearnals:

A Brothers last goodbye, Michael Collins

Michael Collins in London

By Chris keane:

during a tour of inspection of National Army Troops in newcastle west in early August 22

By Veronique Crombe:

Mick collins in Limerick

By James Langton:

Michael collins funeral

By James Langton:

Griffith and Collins outside Pro Cathedral

by James Langton:

Collins addressing a Pro Treaty Rally outside the Bank of Ireland beside College Green.

By Mike Vearnals:

Little Alphonse Culleton at Collins funeral.

By James Langton:

I posted this before, but this one is much clearer. Collins entering Dublin Castle.. Your seven minutes late Mr Collins..

By Martin O’Reilly:

Painting of Michael Collins by Sir John Lavery when in London negotiating the truce The original was said to have been given to Kitty Kiernan but has since been lost.

By PJ O’Neill:

collins funeral 22

by PJ O’Neill:

mick collins

By James Langton:

Collins’ remains leaving Cork for Dublin

By James Langton: One of my favs. Collins at City Hall, he awaits the Dublin Guard making its way from the Gough Monument in the Pheonix Park to take over Beggars Bush Barracks. When they came into sight at Capel Street (Gratten Bridge), to massive crowd cheering, he said, “Here’s my boys now”.

By James Langton:

Michael collins in Armagh

By James langton:

A story behind this famous photo: I posted this to Terry a long time ago, but wish to share it here with those who may not know: He wears an incongrous kilt and sports an engaging schoolboy grin. In the foreground of the famous photograph, General Michael Collins in full dress uniform, revolver slapping against his thigh, strides purposefully across the square of Portobello Barracks. The Civil War was at its most ferocious and army officers have just attended a memorial Mass in honour of 16 comrades who had been killed in ambush in Co. Kerry. Now, in a quiet room in a Dublin nursing home, the short, stocky man, who is approaching his 80th birthday, gazes at the photograph, sighs and finds it difficult to contain his emotion. “It was very hard to keep up with his stride….” says Alphonsus Culliton. “He was a very strong, fit man, always moving…”.

By James langton:

Collins outside Pro Cathedral, waiting on Griffith who is in the car. Its a mass for the success of the Free State. Its amazing what people have. I was given this photo in a Tyre centre in Ballyfermot.

By James langton:

Here is the shot I mentioned a few days ago when the photo of Mick with Tom Cullen and Liam Tobis was posted. Here he is on his own, in the Gresham Hotel,

by James Langton:

Big Fellas remains leaving Pro Cathedral

Collins’ remains on Gun Carriage

by James Langton:

Michael Collins as a young boy. His mother is in the backround on the extreme left. His grandmother O’Brien is the old lady besise her in the doorway. Im almost certain the girl standing behind him is his eldest sister. The grandmother in this photo was the lady responsible for the creation of the world famous Clonakilthy black and white pudding.

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  1. mikehollidaydoc December 7, 2012 at 1:56 am

    my grandfather would tell me storys of these brave men and the struggles of the family until they came to america loved the stories keep irland free is all he wanted and the orangemen out of derry and ulster.his dieing wish to see all of erin free of english tyrants his love for ireland has not died with him i carry it for him!

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