Sing Sing prison, Knockraha, Co Cork, August 25 2013.

/, Past Exhibitions/Sing Sing prison, Knockraha, Co Cork, August 25 2013.

Great display by (and wonderful hospitality from) the Knockraha History and Heritage Society, supported by the Irish Volunteers Commemorative Organisation at the site of Sing Sing prison (the vault which became the official prison of the Cork No.1 Brigade) at Kilquane Cemetary just outside Knockraha today (25/8/13).



A video explaining the underground “Bomb Factory” near Sing Sing at “sing sing prison” Cork describing “grenade making” in the underground factory.


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  1. deborah monaghan October 28, 2013 at 6:55 pm

    Iwas just wondering to you need permission to get into Sing Sing or is it open for people to go in and have a look,
    I have only heard about this place today and would be very interested in going to see it.


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