The Kent Family

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Political stats for William Rice Kent

Mr. William Rice Kent
Party: Fianna Fáil (Fianna Fáil members of the 6th Dáil)
House: 8th Dáil
Constituency: Cork East
Period: 1933-1937
Party: Centre Party
House: 6th Dáil
Constituency: Cork East
Period: 1927-1932
Party: Fianna Fáil


Defeated in the 1932 election
Did not contest the 1937 election.

Thomas Kent memorial Bust, Cork Railway station(Kent Station)

I love the poem that Thomas wrote.  Very moving…

I also have a poem that William wrote after the Rising which I find tells it all about how the family felt. Here it is …

No threat could bend them, no force could break them,
No wiles could lure them from the road of right;
True men, loyal to the cause of Eireann,
Soldiers fearless in the fiercest fight.
From early boyhood, through the years of manhood,
On the march to liberty their lives were spent.
God grant to Erin in her day of danger
Guards unwavering as the brothers Kent.

David Kent’s political career

Mr. David Kent

Party: Sinn Féin (Sinn Féin members of the 5th Dáil)
House: 5th Dáil
Constituency: Cork East
Period: 1927-1927
Party: Sinn Féin

House: 4th Dáil
Constituency: Cork East
Period: 1923-1927
Party: Republican

House: 2nd Dáil
Constituency: Cork East and North-East
Period: 1921-1922
Party: Sinn Féin

House: 1st Dáil
Constituency: Cork East
Period: 1919-1921
Party: Sinn Féin


4th Dáil – Did not take his seat.
5th Dáil – Did not take his seat.
Did not contest the September 1927 election.


Here is a photo of Constable Rowe who was killed during the fight at Bawnard House and the supposed reason that Thomas was executed and a photo of his grave.

I have also included a photo of General Sir John Grenfell Maxwell ‘Bloddy Maxwell’.

By the way Constable Rowe’s full name was Constable William Nelson Rowe 1867-1916.

The dates for Maxwell are July 12 1858-Feb 21 1929 and I have sent you a bigger better photo of Maxwell.

Do you also need the dates of birth and death for the Kents?  Let me know.

Here is a photo of the Kent Memorial on Fermoy bridge

Here is a photo of the Kent Memorial on Fermoy bridge

This is a photo of Thomas Kent’s head stone

This is a photo of Thomas Kent’s head stone

Also a copy of the flyer that was sent around in New York asking for help with the Stations of the Cross and the Memorial on the bridge. Sean O’Keefe sent me the copy of the flyer.

Also a copy of the flyer that was sent around in New York asking for help with the Stations of the Cross and the Memorial on the bridge. Sean O’Keefe sent me the copy of the flyer.

Thomas Kent

Irish: Tomás Ceannt
1865 – 9 May 1916
Place of birth Castlelyons, County Cork, Ireland
Place of death Collins Barracks, Cork, Ireland
Allegiance Irish Volunteers
Years of service 1913 – 1916

Battles/wars Easter Rising

Thomas Kent (Irish: Tomás Ceannt; 1865 – 9 May 1916) was an Irish nationalist court-martialled and executed following a gunfight with the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) on 2 May 1916, in the immediate aftermath of the Easter Rising.

The Easter Rising

Kent was part of a prominent nationalist family who lived at Bawnard House, Castlelyons, County Cork. They were prepared to take part in the Easter Rising, but when the mobilization order was countermanded, they stayed home. The rising nevertheless went forward in Dublin, and the RIC was sent to arrest well-known sympathizers throughout the country including, but not limited to, known members of the Irish Republican Brotherhood, Sinn Féin, and the Irish Volunteers. When the Kent residence was raided they were met with resistance from Thomas and his brothers Richard, David, and William. A gunfight lasted for four hours, in which an RIC officer, Head Constable William Rowe, was killed and David Kent was seriously wounded. Eventually the Kents were forced to surrender, although Richard made a last minute dash for freedom and was fatally wounded.

Trial and execution

Thomas and William were tried by court martial on the charge of murdering Head Constable Rowe. William was acquitted, but Thomas was sentenced to death and executed by firing squad in, Cork on 9 May 1916. David Kent was brought to Dublin where he was charged with the same offence, found guilty and sentenced to death, but the sentence was commuted and he was sentenced to five years penal servitude. Apart from the singular case of Roger Casement, Thomas Kent was the only person outside of Dublin to be executed for his role in the events of Easter Week. He is buried in the grounds of Collins Barracks, Cork (formerly Victoria Barracks).


The main railway station in Cork, Kent Station was named after Thomas Kent.

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  1. James D kent March 29, 2014 at 6:49 pm

    My grandfather’s name was James Joseph Kent, born in Bellilickey county cork—just outside of Bantry bay in the year of 1885 or 86.He had McCarthy’s as cousins and had cousins that were involved in the troubles.He settled in Boston (Charlestown).Just wondering if we were related?

    • martinbmac October 8, 2014 at 3:11 pm

      James…not certain if we are or not. My family came from the townland of Ballyhamsher/Ballyhampsher/Ballyhampsherry/Ballyhampshire (the name changed a lot of the years) Castlelyons, Cork. The Kents and the McCarthy family farmed alongside each other and many of the Kents married McCarthys. Both families seem to have left the land after 1826. Some moved to different parts of Ireland, some to Canada and some to the US. If you like I can send you the book that Father Edmund Kent wrote about the Kent family. It is very detailed and mentions many Kent family lines. Just let me know if you would like to have a copy.

  2. Thomas William Kent March 5, 2014 at 4:44 pm

    My name is Thomas William Kent. I have brothers David, Michael and John.I have used ancestral search sites to see if there is a relationship between my family and that of the Kents of Cork. My ancestral home is in County Wexford and no connection between the families can be made. I now believe it is all just a coincidence. If anyone out there has information to the contrary I would sure like to hear about it.

    • martinbmac October 8, 2014 at 3:00 pm

      Thomas…David Kent 1740-1828 who is my 4th great grandfather was the Kent Brothers great grandfather. He was married twice. We do not know who the first wife was but we know the his second wife was Margaret Fitzgerald 1770-1868. It is said that David had 23 children! We only know the seven children he had with Margaret. So, there are a lot of Kents out there that we have never been able to connect to David. It is very possible that we are related. Father Edmund Kent wrote a very detailed history of the Kent family and if you like I can email it to you. Maybe you could send me your email address. Also…do you know if your family lived in the Shelbourne district of Wexford and also in Great Island. If so, I do have some information about your family.

  3. carl joseph kent February 22, 2014 at 1:40 am

    We should never forget the sacrifice of those who gave their lives for the freedom which had so long been denied the Irish race.

  4. Georgina Casserly May 20, 2013 at 12:20 pm

    Here is a photo of Constable Rowe who was killed during the fight at Bawnard House and the supposed reason that Thomas was executed and a photo of his grave.
    Dear Sir/Madam,
    The photo of Constable Rowe and the photo of his grave were not shown in the above article.

    If you have the photo’s, would it be possible to send them down to me at the above email address.

    Kindest regards, Georgina Casserly

    • Carol McCarthy January 31, 2014 at 3:02 pm

      Georgina…I just saw your request. Sorry I took so long to get back with you. I could send you copies of the photos but I don’t see your email address. Maybe you could contact the administrator of this website and ask if they can send the photos to you. I think they didn’t post them because the photo of Rowe is very small.

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