James Langton and Rod Dennison at the grave of Fianna Eireann veteran Eamon Martin in Deansgrange cemetery on Sunday, 28th April, 2013.

“Eamon Martin – 1892-1971 – Founding member of Fianna Eireann in 1909, Fianna Eireann Senior Officer 1910-1922, Fianna Eireann Director of Training and Organisation, Founding Member of Irish Volunteers 1913, Member of Irish Volunteers Provisional Committee and its Executive, First Instructor of the Irish Volunteers 1913-1914 (along with Con Colbert), Captain of Irish Volunteers 1914-1916 (up to and including Rising), Commandant of Fianna Eireann 1915-1916 (including the Easter Rising), Chief of Staff Fianna Eireann 1916 -1922, Fianna Eireann Representative on the six member IRA Composite Council during the War of Independence”

Thanks James and Rod!!