There are only 12 weeks or so until the end of the centenary of the 1916 Rising. It has been a great year full of many memorable occasions and the ordinary people have done our patriots proud.From small little villages to the larger cities we have marked the 100th anniversary as best we could, sometimes with huge turnouts and many times also with just a handful of people. All ages, from toddlers to the very elderly and even the old and infirm, all participated. Hopefully we will mark the last remaining months with the same vigor as before. Now that 2016 is drawing to an end, we can reflect quietly about what has gone before and what has yet to come. The IVCO will be in Cyprus Street, Belfast, soon. Please see

Next year, 2017, we will mark the 100th anniversary of the death of Thomas Ashe, the first hunger striker.

2018 will mark the centenary of the victorious election of Irish Republican candidates in the 32 county elections.

2019 begins the centenary of the struggle for Irish freedom, the Tan War. IVCO will be marking all of these events and more in our own little way. We hope to meet many of our members again along the way. Both members and non-members are encouraged to send any suggestions regarding the above commemorations to with your ideas.

The Irish Volunteers Commemorative Organisation promotes and preserves the history of the Irish Volunteers (1913-1923). The I.V.C.O. is a non-political, non-profit organisation. Donations are gratefully accepted in order to help meet our running costs. Donations need not be money, but please e mail us photos, documents or any relevant photos to the Irish Volunteers.

How do we do commemorate the Irish Volunteers? The I.V.C.O. holds exhibitions, lectures and displays throughout Ireland, showing the artifacts and telling the story of the  Irish Volunteers. This website was created in the hope of encouraging the sharing of the history of the Irish Volunteers. We greatly appreciate all contributions from our readers, such as photographs, articles, letters, family history etc. All of these help to build a better understanding of the Irish Volunteers.

We hope this site will promote a better understanding of Irish history in the years leading up to the formation of the Irish state. Thank you for visiting.


President: Pat O’Hagan

chairman: Garry O’Brien

Secretary: Brian Crowley

Logistics : John Sweeney

IV Research : Diarmuid O’Callaghan