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The Forgotten Vice-Commandant

The Forgotten Vice-Commandant There is an Interesting new local book out associated with the Revolutionary period in Limerick called 'The Forgotten Vice-Commandant' - A Grandson’s Account of Johnny Mc Sweeney, Vice-Commandant of the 2nd Battalion Mid-Limerick Brigade, IRA. It is an excellent local history story which goes into great detail on all the events that [...]

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Captain Frank Hurley 3rd West Cork Brigade IRA

Captain Frank Hurley 3rd West Cork Brigade IRA By Greg Mahony CAPTAIN FRANK HURLEY (1891-1921) 3rd West Cork Brigade Irish Republican Army   On 9 May 2021, the 100th Anniversary of the death of Captain Frank Hurley, 3rd West Cork Brigade will be remembered by his descendants in Ireland, USA and Australia. They honour and remember [...]

Sunday Independent article- by Eoghan Harris

Sunday Independent article- by Eoghan Harris A reply (Fearless Mary Lindsay has better right to be a feminist icon than Markievicz)   Dear Sir,   I wish to respond to the above article, in which Mr .Harris ,in my opinion , very unfairly and narrowly portrays my grandfather Frank Busteed , V/C 6th Battalion , [...]

RIC Auxiliary Division Uniform & Weapons

The Auxiliary Division of the Royal Irish Constabulary (ADRIC), generally known as the Auxiliaries or Auxies, was a  paramilitary unit of the RIC. They were a ruthless , efficient  and notorious force during the war of Independence and were involved in many atrocities agains the Irish people. Pictured below are are the uniform and weapons of this unit,weapons with  [...]

Information Required Irish Volunteers March 2021

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: Tracing Mr. Edward Brett Co Tipperary I am enquiring about an Edward Brett (Eddie Brett) Shangarry, Ballingarry, Co. Tipperary who was in the Old IRA and like many of his day never spoke of his involvement which is understandable, the times they lived in. I also know the British after the [...]

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