by Brian Murphy OSB

Hosted by the ‘1916-21 Club’ at the Pearse Centre,

Ireland Institute, 27 Pearse Street, Dublin

Friday, 16th November, 8pm.


 The Irish Bulletin was the official newspaper of the Irish

 Government during the War of Independence. Its aim was to

 provide those outside Ireland with the Government’s case

 and the facts of the war that it had to wage. This information

 could not otherwise be obtained because of the suppression

 by the British authorities of all other outlets that put the Irish

 Government‘s case. It was produced with minimal resources

 and under constant threat of suppression. It was therefore an

 underground publication despite being the paper of a

 legitimate Government.

 It was unadorned with any other content except

 straightforward factual and irrefutable information. This is

 what made its reputation and because of that it became one of

 the most powerful weapons in the war that eventually proved


 It deserves an honoured place in Irish history yet it has

 never been republished and it is hardly referred to by our

 contemporary historians—and when it is—it is almost

 inevitably in disparaging terms.

 This is the first volume of the paper reproduced as

 faithfully as possible to the original. Other volumes will


Aubane Historical Society


ISBN 978-1-903497-74-6