I’m seeking information on my grand uncle, James O’Brien (1893-197?) of Dunmanway. He was the son of William O’Brien and Johanna Connelly. He was a member of the Irish Volunteers, specifically the 3rd West Cork Brigade, for three years from 1918-1921. In later life it’s known he was committed to a wheel chair which may or may not have been the result of his service. Any information is greatly appreciated.
Phil Sheridan
Newry, ME. USA
Hi, I am lead to believe that my Grandfather was a member of the Irish Volunteers. Is there any way of finding out about his time with the IV. His name is Patrick Costello, and I think he lived in Littleton, Tipperary. Any information would be great or could you suggest where else I could try
Patrick Heaphey


Maybe you can help me.

My great Uncle was shot by FSA forces on Benbulben mountain in Co. Sligo in September 1922. His name was Vol. Joe Banks and he was one of the men that is now know as the Sligo’s Noble 6.

There is a commemorative cross on the mountain at the location where they were killed. On the cross there is a symbol carved into it the stone.


I’m wondering would you be able to identify the symbol or what it represents? See attached image.

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Clive Hynes


Attached photographs of Captain Kennefick Commemorative Booklet available from Liam Russell's Bookshop, Cork.
  Captain Kennefick Monument, Coachford Co Cork..we appeal to all to keep our patriots monuments in a good condition.
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        Tony Mc Carthy.


I was looking through some of your posts and I seen this post https://irishvolunteers.org/mary-devereux-mrs-allen-irish-citizen-armygarrison-of-st-stephens-greencollege-of-surgeons/ the picture in the post is the same as the one below which my Da has, his grandfather is in the picture circled in red. We were wondering do you have any information on the photo itself.


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I am looking for information about my grandfather, James Gilhooly who was  from Leitrim. He served in the IRA during the pre-truce period I believe and would have been born around 1903.


I have attached his obituary for further info. He died at 48 in Dublin and we have little to no info on him other than the attached.


If you could shed on any light on his involvement or details of his address, parents etc that would be great.


Thanks so much!


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Aisling Gilhooly


My gg uncle was an Irish Volunteer and I have a lot of circumstantial evidence that he was a Howth gun runner, but I can’t find a list of any kind to support that.  I can’t find a Roll of Honour anywhere.  Would you happen to know if anyone put together a list of names back then of those that participated?

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Tina Cameron



I was wondering do you hold any information about or can could possibly get on a relative of mine who was interned in Cork Gaol in 1922 and then moved to Newbridge.Thomas Murphy was his name and he also went on hunger strike in 1922.
I have had very little success apart from finding out his arrest in sept 22 and release in April 23.
Any leads would be grately appreciated.
Many Thanks
Noel Murphy
I would like to get some information on the two gentlemen above both connected to the OLD IRA Shangarry, Ballingarry, Co Tipperary.
Mr Brett was my uncle married to my Mother’s sister Ellen Maher and Mr Sausse was a 1st cousin to my Mother.
Many thanks
John Bergin