British Forces, RIC, Auxilaries, Black & Tans

/British Forces, RIC, Auxilaries, Black & Tans

Royal Irish Constabulary Winchester Riot Gun marked to the RIC

Pat O'Hagan has just accquired a Royal Irish Constabulary Pump Action Shotgun that was used in Belfast,a very nice piece and in top class condition,this item and many more will be on view at an exhibition that will will be held in Belfast in January,2019 to mark the anniversary of the beginning of the Tan [...]

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New Zealanders at Trinity College Dublin Easter Week 1916

Your readers may be interested in research I am doing on the 5 New Zealand soldiers who assisted in the defence of Trinity College Dublin during Easter Week 1916. The 5 New Zealanders are listed in the 1916 Rebellion Handbook published by the Irish Times soon after the Rising, but their involvement has never been [...]

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Ulster Volunteer Force UVF

The Ulster Volunteers were a Unionist militia founded in 1912 to block Home Rule for Ireland. In 1913 they were organised into the Ulster Volunteer Force, with many of its members enlisting with the 36th Ulster Division at the outbreak of  WW 1. A modern loyalist paramilitary group founded in 1966 shares the same name (Ulster Volunteer Force or UVF), [...]

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