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Ulster Volunteer Force UVF

The Ulster Volunteers were a Unionist militia founded in 1912 to block Home Rule for Ireland. In 1913 they were organised into the Ulster Volunteer Force, with many of its members enlisting with the 36th Ulster Division at the outbreak of  WW 1. A modern loyalist paramilitary group founded in 1966 shares the same name (Ulster Volunteer Force or UVF), [...]

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Royal Irish Constabulary & Dublin Metropolitan Police Memorials

James Langton has sent the following photos in Glasnevin, and poses the question:  "There are also similar in mount Jerome. These are fine monuments and all are remembered on it except those who are in family plots, so why another?" Indeed, they are fine monuments and we believe in the right place. At the end of the [...]

Controversy regarding a proposed memorial to The RIC and Black and Tans

Thought you all might be interested in this: The Garda Siochana Retired Members Association wishes to erect a memorial to the RIC, including the Black and Tans apparently. To see the full article please read the link below and when you are finished please see a letter on this post sent by James Langton that he [...]

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