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1916 Commemorations Discussions

President of Sinn Féin Gerry Adams met with President Pat O'Hagan of the Irish Volunteers Commemorative Organisation  over the weekend to discuss the  history of the 1916 Rising and future commemorations and historical discussions for 2016.

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1915 O’Donovan Rossa funeral

We request all IVCO members to attend this very important event. Here is the timetable for the route for Sat 1st August when Sinn Féin do a full scale re enactment of the 1915 O'Donovan Rossa funeral on the exact date and time 100 years on. Come out and show your support for the leaders [...]

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‘Paid informants in Irish Secret Societies 1886-1910’

On next Wednesday 17th June 2015 Barry Keane, author of 'Massacre in West Cork', will challenge the British Home Office, the Metropolitan Police and the United Kingdom Information Commissioners at a tribunal in London to release the contents of a file listed as 'paid informants in Irish Secret Societies 1886-1910'. The case listed as EA/2015/0013 Keane v HO and [...]


94TH KILMICHAEL COMMEMORATION ADDRESS BY JACK LANE, AUBANE HISTORICAL SOCIETY, 30 NOVEMBER 2014   I want to thank the Committee for giving me an opportunity to address this commemoration here today. The ambush that occurred here was a pivotal event in the War of Independence and it is a privilege to be involved in a [...]

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