Emblems of The Irish Volunteers

Irish War of Independece 1916 Irish Volunteers Uniform

By James langton: I held a piece of history in my hands this evening in the home of my very good friend Las Fallon. A friend of his named Daniel Fitzpatrick, of the Dublin Fire Brigade dropped by with the tunic worn by his grandfather Denis Fitzpatrick in 1916. Denis was born 17th of April [...]

Irish Volunteer Uniforms

An article posted by Irish author , Irish Volunteer Commemorative member and historian Padraig O Ruairc. Thanks Padraig. Re-enactors have been asking me for some time about Irish Volunteers / I.R.A. uniforms and what is and is not accurate. This is a very big issue to cover as the uniform, appearance, personnel, weaponry targets and [...]

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Badges of The Irish Volunteers

By Garry O' Brien There has been much discussion over the years about what badges the Irish volunteers wore, whether the badges were official or unofficial etc.  A lot of confusion arises from the fact that the Volunteers split. A great source of information is the paper of the Irish Volunteers themselves. In these can [...]

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