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Fianna Éireann 106 Years Young Today, August 16, 2015

Today The Irish Volunteers Commemorative Organisation marked the 106th year of the foundation of Fianna Éireann. The private ceremonies were held by the 4th Battalion Fianna Éireann which has been incorporated into the IVCO some time ago. On Monday 16 August 1909, in the Camden Street hall, Hobson chaired a meeting ‘to form a National Boys’ Organisation [...]

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Fian Seamus Courtney Passage West, Cork Dedication

FIAN SEAMUS COURTNEY PASSAGE WEST DEDICATIONThe Irish Volunteers Commemorative Organisation held a dedication today August 9, 2014 for Fian Seamus Courtney. IVCO Brian Crowley directed the ceremony. A wreath was laid by member Kevin Cross on behalf of the IVCO. Many thanks to Joe Healy who gave the oration, Pat Manning who located the grave and proposed the commemoration, and Mick Nugent who laid a wreath on behalf of the Phoenix Society.

Seamus Quirke Lt. in the Fianna Eireann Cork

 Seamus Quirke as a Lt. in the Fianna Eireann. Shot to death by British Auxiliaries in Galway, Sept. 9, 1920. H Co., 2nd Battalion, 1st Cork Brigade.  A Black-and-Tan lorry driver named Krumm had spent the evening drinking. In one pub he boasted about his aim and insisted on setting up a row of bottles as targets [...]

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