Irish Civil War

Free Sate executions,December 8,1922.

The 8th December marks the 94th anniversary of the first official Free State murders carried out during the Civil war. Volunteers Liam Mellows (Connaught), Joe Mc Kelvey (Ulster), Richard Barret (Munster) and Rory O’Connor (Leinster) were selected to represent each province and executed by Free State firing squad made up of former comrades. Throid siad [...]

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Taking Tipperary town

By Diarmuid O’Connor: Commandant Padraig O’Connor After taking Tipperary town with 250 Dublin Guards and 100 National Army troops under Gerry Ryan goes on patrol on horseback with two Dublin guards. July 1922. He refused the use of artillery to take the town from General Eoin O’Duffy, so it came down to hand to hand [...]

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To truly honour the 1916 Rising: let’s heal the rift of the Civil War

To truly honour the 1916 Rising: let's heal the rift of the Civil War While revering the 1916 Rising and its leaders, people freely criticize their military tactics, and their military failure. Yet among those who still sometimes refer to contemporaries as "Free-Staters", it seems to be taboo to similarly criticize leaders or tactics of [...]

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T McCann, B Coy II Batt IRA 1922

By Michael Doyle: Rare images taken on the roof of the bank of Ireland, Foster place, Dublin. Over looking the approach to trinity college & O'Connell street. Engraving reads "T McCann, B Coy II Batt IRA 1922". Anyone any idea where to get more information on T McCann.

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