Cork Volunteer Memorials

Captain Timothy Kennefick Cork IRA

Captain Tadhg Kennifick, Cork No. 1 Brigade IRA, who was killed by the Free State Army on the 8th September 1922, while on the way to his mothers' funeral. He received a horrific death, under the orders of General Dalton, who had him dragged behind the back of a Free State truck, while his hands [...]

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Seamus Quirke Lt. in the Fianna Eireann Cork

 Seamus Quirke as a Lt. in the Fianna Eireann. Shot to death by British Auxiliaries in Galway, Sept. 9, 1920. H Co., 2nd Battalion, 1st Cork Brigade.  A Black-and-Tan lorry driver named Krumm had spent the evening drinking. In one pub he boasted about his aim and insisted on setting up a row of bottles as targets [...]

Cork IRA Memorials

3 rd wrest Cork Brigade The monument at Derrygallon, North Cork. Memorial to Edward Waters, Timothy Kiely and David Herlihy of Cork No. 2 Brigade, shot dead during a British army roundup on the Boggera Mountains near Nadd in February 1921. Memorial to Edward Waters, Timothy Kiely and David Herlihy [...]

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Thomas Kent, Cork Volunteers

Thomas Kent (Irish Tomás Ceannt; 1865 – 9 May 1916) was an Irish Nationalist  court-martialled and executed following a gunfight with the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) on 2 May 1916, in the immediate aftermath of the Easter Rising. Thomas Kent's Grave, Cork. The Easter Rising Kent was part of a prominent nationalist family [...]

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