Commandant Seán Ó Donoghue, Cork No.1 Brigade IRA

Commandant Seán Ó Donoghue Cork IRA No.1 Brigade Commandant Seán Ó Donoghue, Mitchelstown, Co. Cork. Murdered outside the Delaney Brothers house, Dublin Hill, Cork on September 28th 1922. Seán Ó Donoghue was born in Gurteeabowl, Mitchelstown, in 1898. Having completed his education he was employed in the warehouse of Messrs. Dwyer in Cork [...]

Cork Volunteers Sraharla, Mitchelstown

Name of memorial: Sraharla Memorial Place: Sraharla, Mitchelstown Address and map reference: Sraharla, Mitchelstown, Co. Cork. Map reference: R 7391 1611 Position: At the side of the road running south from Ahaphuca Bridge, about 200 metres south of Sraharla church. Description and dimensions: Celtic cross on rectangular stepped base, within a walled enclosure. Height: 280cms. Width: [...]

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IRA Cork Mourne Abbey Memorial

Name of memorial: Mourne Abbey Memorial Place: Knockmourne Address and map reference: Knockmourne, Mallow, Co. Cork. Map reference: W 557 592 Position: At roadside, approx. 5km south of Mallow on a side road off the N72 Description and dimensions:  Height: 300cms, width: of base 200cms Recorded by:  Michael Dolan, December, 2009 Text: (Front) in dìl [...]

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IRA Cork 1 Brigade, Dripsey

Name of memorial: Dripsey Memorial Place: Dripsey, Co. Cork Address and map reference: On the Coachford road (R618) about2km west of Dripsey (Ambush Crossroads) Map reference: W 481 730 (Map 80). Position: At roadside Description and dimensions: Limestone obelisk on a base approached by steps, with a low wall and steel gates. Height: 450cms, width: 100cms at [...]

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IRA 1 Cork Brigade, Donoughmore Cemetery, Co. Cork

Name of memorial: Donoughmore Cemetery I.R.A. Memorial Place: Donoughmore Cemetery Address and map reference:  Donoughmore, Co. Cork. Map reference: W 488 823 Position: In the north-east section of the cemetery, adjoining the church. Description and dimensions: Celtic cross. Height 300cms., width of base 120cms. The memorial is at the graves of James Barrett, Peter O’Callaghan and [...]

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IRA Cork, Liam Burke Memorial, Gortroche

Name of memorial: Liam Burke Memorial Place: Gortroche Address and map reference: Gortroche, Ballyhooly, Co. Cork. Map reference: W 724 949. Position:. West side of road, 4kms south of Ballyhooly. Description and dimensions: Limestone Celtic cross. Height 240cms, width of base 75cms. Recorded by: Michael Dolan, June, 2007. Text: (On the cross) Ulay Connaxt Laijin [...]

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