Kerry Volunteer Memorials

Drumboe Martyrs 90th Anniversary

By Seán O'Maoilearca Drumboe Martyrs 90th Anniversary On the 14th March 2013 and on the 90th anniversary of their deaths I laid flowers in honour of four brave Anti-Treaty Irish Republican Army Volunteers who lost their lives in the Irish Civil War. Officer Commanding Second Northern Division Charles Daly (26), Lieutenant Timothy Ó Sullivan (23), Lieutenant [...]

Kerry IRA

Roger Casement monument at Banna Strand, Co. Kerry - 'At a spot on Banna Strand adjacent to here Roger Casement - humanitarian and Irish revolutionary leader - Robert Monteith and a third man, came ashore from a German submarine on Good Friday morning 21st. April 1916 in furthering the cause of Irish freedom' By Padraig [...]

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