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1871 Mausers

Irish Volunteer Commemorative Organisation 1871 Mausers on display at the Roddy McCorley Museum in Belfast, these and many more items will be on display at the Ambabassador theatre. On the way for Ambassador, O’Connell St,Dublin for 33 weeks in 2016…. Tickets for the anniversary dates of Easter 25th – 28th March, Rising Anniversary dates April [...]

‘Paid informants in Irish Secret Societies 1886-1910’

On next Wednesday 17th June 2015 Barry Keane, author of 'Massacre in West Cork', will challenge the British Home Office, the Metropolitan Police and the United Kingdom Information Commissioners at a tribunal in London to release the contents of a file listed as 'paid informants in Irish Secret Societies 1886-1910'. The case listed as EA/2015/0013 Keane v HO and [...]