Irish War of Independence Book Reviews

The Forgotten Vice-Commandant

The Forgotten Vice-Commandant There is an Interesting new local book out associated with the Revolutionary period in Limerick called 'The Forgotten Vice-Commandant' - A Grandson’s Account of Johnny Mc Sweeney, Vice-Commandant of the 2nd Battalion Mid-Limerick Brigade, IRA. It is an excellent local history story which goes into great detail on all the events that [...]

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Canada and Ireland

Canada and Ireland A Political and Diplomatic History By Philip J. Currie UBC Press Canada and Ireland authoritatively investigates political relations between the two countries, from partition to the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998. Until now, scholarly interest in Canada’s relationship with Ireland has focused largely on the years leading to the consolidation of [...]

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Murder by the throat Edward J Bourke

    Murder by the throat   Espionage, Assassination, Collaboration and Execution during the Irish War of Independence, 1916-1921 Edward J Bourke       Published March 2020 Inquiries pending bookshop reopening and distribution Retail price €20  inc post from 33 Rushbrook Dublin 15 D15HDE7 ISBN 978 09523027 4 2         [...]

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The “Irish Bulletin”

A new publication by  Aubane, the 'Irish Bulletin# Vol. 1. It is available in paperback and hardback, at 36 and 55 Euro respectively. Every library should have a copy!     The “Irish Bulletin” was the official newspaper of the Irish Government during the War of Independence. Its aim was the provide those outside Ireland [...]

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Michael Collins: what happened?

  2014 S M Sigerson All rights reserved Michael Collins: what happened? There will be no compromise and no negotiations with any British Government until Ireland is recognized as an independent republic.  - Michael Collins 1921   The history of the Volunteers, and its legacy today, turn round the tragedy and controversy of Michael Collins.  [...]

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Las Fallon is an operational firefighter with over twenty-seven years service in the fire brigade. As a fire service historian and researcher he has published a number of articles in both fire service and collectors magazines and on-line. He was the curator of the Dublin Fire Brigade Museum from 2008-2011 and is a member of [...]

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