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I am currently researching a documentary we have planned for the 90th anniversary of The Civil War.  Our plan is to take 5-6 descendants of men from both sides of the Civil War divide and in a ‘Who do you think you are’ style help them to discover their family members story.

I have identified a number of stories that relate to the Free State that I’m interested in and am hoping some of them may be familiar to those on your website. I am also interested in hearing from any descendants that you may know of whose family were involved in the Free State Army.

As my objective is to find descendants a site such as yours will be an invaluable source. Our vision for the project is that we are hoping to take descendants who do not know a whole lot about the time or their descendants story  as then there will be more of an element of discovery for them in a Who do you think you are style vein.

What I’m finding is that the best way to get to this generation is through those who know quite a lot about it so say a grandfather usually a son of a Civil War participant who usually knows a lot about it nominates a grandchild to take part in the programme.   The people who are leading to the descendants are historians and sites such as yourselves particularly those local to the area where the original event took place.

The stories I’m currently researching are

1.      The shooting in Enniscorthy Cathedral, “On 10 October 1922, a senior Free State army officer, Commandant Peter Doyle, of Ballinakill, Marshalstown, was shot in the grounds of St. Aidan’s Cathedral, Enniscorthy, by anti-Treaty I.R.A. after mass. Five girls were injured in the process, two of them seriously”.


On Thursday the 17th of August 1922 two off duty soldiers took a boat trip to Innisfallen, when they reached the pier at Innisfallen both were shot dead by a sniper. The killings raised considerable local disgust with the Anti Treaty snipers responsible as both National Army soldiers were unarmed and although in uniform both men were wearing large Red-Cross armbands. The two soldiers were, Private Cecil Fitzgerald, Army Medical Service, Dublin Guard. 16 years old and a native of County Galway. Private John O’Meara, Army Medical Service, Dublin Guard. 20 years old and a native of Galway City.

3.      The eight FS soldiers killed by a mine in Cork, 16 September 1922 were

·  Coronal-Commandant Thomas Keogh, General Headquarters, late of the Dublin Brigade Engineering Department.

·  Captain Dan O’Brien 1st Midland Division, Castle View, Macroom, County Cork.

·  Sergeant William Murphy, Esker, Ballinalee, County Longford.

·  Private Conway Ralph.

·  Private Patrick O’Rourke Macroom Reserves.

·  Private Tom Manning Macroom County Cork.

·  Private John Riordan Macroom County Cork

4. On July 28th, 1922 Four National Army troops were killed at Ballygibba Cross Bruree, Limerick. The IRA report stated simply that ‘a party of enemy troops came in contact with our forces . Four killed rest surrendered. Thirteen rifles and one Lewis gun captured by our forces.  The Limerick Chronicle from 1 August told a different story. Captain Power from Mill Rd, Youghal, Pte Patrick Murphy, Pte P Carey, Inch Youghal and Pte D, O’Mahoney, Aghada, Co Cork all belonging to Cork No 1 Brigade. Captain Power had his arms tied in front about the wrists with what appeared to be a cycle strap and brains blown out.  

5. On 10 December, 1922 the house of TD Seán McGarry was burned down, killing his seven year old son.

6. December 1922, In Wexford not long after the symbolic execution of Rory O’Connor in Mountjoy an anti treaty group came across a National Army officer and his troops relaxing in a public house. Four of the ordinary troops all young men were taken outside and shot by the republicans despite having surrendered immediately. (Told by Aodagan O’Rahilly on The Madness from Within)- Cold blooded brutality from anti treaty side.

It would be great if you could help with any of the above. I’m off now on annual leave for a week and back in the office this day week.

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