Las Fallon is an operational firefighter with over twenty-seven years service in the fire brigade.

Dublin Fire Brigade and the Irish RevolutionAs a fire service historian and researcher he has published a number of articles in both fire service and collectors magazines and on-line. He was the curator of the Dublin Fire Brigade Museum from 2008-2011 and is a member of a number of fire service heritage organisations including the Fire Service Trust, the Fire Heritage Network and the Fire Mark Circle. His interest in the revolutionary period is reflected in his membership of the Irish Volunteers Commemorative Organisation (IVCO) http:/  and the 1916-1921 Club.

The book is very well researched and will appeal to all historians of the revolutionary period as well as researchers and collectors of fire service memorabilia. It is a high quality publication comprising 154 pages in gloss format. There are many rare photographs from the period and two colour sections with contemporary maps, paintings, etc. and highly detailed shots of fire service helmets, insignia and medals.

Chapter 1   The origins of organised firefighting in Dublin

Chapter 2  Origins of trade unionism within the DFB

Chapter 3  War and rebellion  1914-1916

Chapter 4  Revolution 1917-1921

Chapter 5  Civil War, Dublin 1922

Chapter 6 Conclusions.


There is a wealth of detailed information in this book. We highly recommend it.

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