My grandfather’s brother, Frank Harte, was in the 3rd Northern Division Old IRA. He was born in Belfast (13 May 1901) & passed away (2 Sept 1956) in Dublin. I’m keen to find out more information about his role in the ware of independence & thereafter. Frank Harte


Where is the Fire Brigade museum and what are their contact details.
John Moran.


Hello, I hope you can help. I am trying to trace my Grandfathers IRA history. His name was John Kelly and I believe he was stationed in Castlecomer in the early 1920s.The story goes that he was arrested by the English but smuggled out to Canada on the ship Montcalm on 10/08/23. He was a young lad of 26, married to Mary (Minnie Cass) and had a daughter Peggy. Do you have any history on granddad that you could send me or refer me to please. I am in New Zealand so am finding the distance hard in knowing where to go.. Many thanks Susan


prompted me to ask if there exists any nominal rolls of members of the Irish Volunteers in the period 1910 – 1916.

My understanding is that my late father, John McCullagh of Caum, Killanardrish but then residing and working in Cork City, was one of those members of the IV who responded to John Redmond’s exhortations and joined the British Army to “fight for small nations” and served with the RAMC at a field hospital in Salonica.

I wonder if it is possible to establish his service record with the Volunteers? Any information, suggestions or leads you can give me will be appreciated.

John F. McCullagh
Skillman, New Jersey


Hello there , my Grandmothers Uncle Michael Mc Carthy Joined the Irish Volunteers on 3/June/1914 membership No 1180 , his address was 9 east View Terrace off Quaker rd Cork …. There was a Michael Mc Carthy killed in The Kilmichael Ambush ..How can i be sure that this is the same man ? any help that you can give me would be much appreciated. Kind Regards Brian


Dear fellow Volunteers,
Come November I intend giving a lecture on the Irish Volunteers formation and role in the Rising. If any of the UK or Ireland based Volunteers wish to attend please contact myself or the Birmingham Irish heritage Group.
Is mise le meas
Volunteer Rísteárd Sinclair


Hi, My great grand father was heavily involved in the South side of Cork City. His name was Sean Murphy from Greenmount. Is there any way to chase down some info on him?

Colin Murphy


This is a very important site and it is beautifully presented. The information contained herein is valuable to future generations. Therefore would you consider putting a “Face Book” link to this page so that any changes that are made in the future will come to the readers attention more quickly?

Also a great fan of Gen. Barry and my friend, James Sheehan, stated that there may be a slight misrepresentation in your account of Crossbarry…that the British withdrew as opposed to the volunteers fighting their way out. It should be also be noted that the volunteers proudly marched out of Crossbarry while a local farmer transported the confiscated arms and ammunition along the road in a horse and cart flanked by volunteers inside the fences. James further declares that it’s even stated on the monument that the British withdrew to their barracks 🙂

Thank you for your wonderful work and continued efforts, Ilona



My grandfather signed up as a volenteer would he be intitled to a medal? His name Richard Gough

I believe i am related to Charlie Daly by means of my Great Great Great Grandfather on my Mothers maternal side. My great great great Grandfather was James Healy and his Brother Tom Healy had a daugher Ellen who was Charlies Mother.

I would love to find out more information but have just begun the family tree and only have the information collected my my Grandmother about her mothers Healy side.

Thank you for any help,

Kind Regards
Elaine Patrick
——————————————————————————————————————-Sean Brett is my Great Great Grandfather. The flying column is a rare book according to the price! Any other details about the 3 men?



The Kilgobinet monument has recently been restored, looking beautiful now,
there is also a memorial to those who died at this spot at Kilgobinet Church, about 1.5 miles further up this road.
Photos and information on both can be found at


I am looking for any information on my grandaunt Honor O Malley nee Kelly who was a member of cumman na mban in Dublin, she was a nurse in St Kevins Hospital ,maybe she is in this photo,

——————————————————————————————————————-To whom it may concern:
I am searching for information about my great grandfather John Killeen. If you might be able to point me in the right direction it would be sincerely appreciated. Thank you in advance.
Peter Berberich


Has anyone a list of names for this picture. In particular I am interested in W J ( Bill ) Stapleton and his friend Johnny Wilson.

——————————————————————————————————————-do you have any information on Bob Hales – brother of Tom and Sean – after the War of Independence. Where he lived, occupation, when and where he died?
many thanks



-Does anyone know anything about James Pyne? He’s listed as to have died on hunger strike in 1924, a year after the civil war, but that’s all I can find. I’m investigating several figures for my own research, if anyone knows anything please let me know.
Many thanks!


Dear Sir Madam.
I am doing research on the 1916 Easter Irish revolution and would like to know if you can assist me with a list of the South African soldiers present at the Trinity College during the revolution I am informed that there were 6 South African men.

Your help will be appreciated.

Adrian Smith.
Brisbane, Australia.


My grandfather, James O’Donoghue (born 1896 and died 17 Nov 1972 in Ballyvourney, Cork) was involved in the fight for independence and received 2 medals for his service and had the tricolour draped over his coffin.
I was wondering how I’d go about researching his military/militia history for that period. He and my dad never spoke about it.
Can you offer any help from your


My father, Tomas Dargan was a member of the Limerick Fianna during the War of Indpendance and he is included in the 1922 photograph. He was arrested and detained in Spike Island from which I have a group photograph. He also fought with the Republican side in the Civil War and was detained in the Curragh. I also have a photograph of Thomas taken with the Limerick Fianna on his release in 1924. In addition, I have a range of other Fianna, War of Independance and Civil War material. i would be happy to share this, if it is of interest.


john goode  Message Please let me know when the Truce (1921) Medal was issued. Is there a list of recipients?


Joan Martin
I am seeking information on John Judge Volunteer Edenderry Old IRA


Author : MichaelHello there,

I have some information about Patrick Hackett my great grandfather James “Jim” Ryan was a volunteer of the no.iv clonmel IRA in his memoirs he tells of the night Patrick died. My grandfather and other IRA also on the run had gathered in a cottage on top a hill in Knockroe outside drangan. In his memoirs he says that the assembly had forgotten to post lookouts around the cottage. The black and tans surrounded the cottage unbeknownst to the men inside and set up machine guns facing the front door which was the only viable exit from the dwelling. The commanding tan called for surrender from outside the cottage shocking the men inside. Showing the true bravery an gallantry of the men inside they decided to try and fight there way out of the house. They made a rush for the door but the machine guns opened up on the men. This is most likely when your relative received his fatal wounds. I have a lot more information about the battle and the 3rd tipp battalion please don’t hesitate to email me.


Richard Byrne Good Afternoon
I am wondering where I could find information regarding my grandfather Michael ‘Fen’ Byrne. Little is known excpt when he was born/died .I do know he rarely spoke of his time in Old IRA. we have had various rumours whch i won’t go into. I just need some direction as to where i could find some information.


richard Byrne


My fellow Volunteers. If any are interested in the UK, I intend giving a lecture on the formation of the Irish Volunteers and the Easter Rising as member of the Birmingham Irish Heritage Group at the Birmingham Irish Centre, on the 6th November 2013. I’d be glad of the support from fellow UK, or Irish, Volunteers, if at all possible.
Is mise le meas.
Oglaigh Rísteárd Sinclair


I am one of the grand daughters of Lieut Col J.M. MacCarthy Galtee Brigade, East Limerick Brigade, Editor of ” An Cosantoir”, Limericks Fighting days ….
My son Ansel (almost 10) is VERY interested in learning more about Jack , any information would be MUCH APPRECIATED .
We live in New Hampshire USA so any recommended collections, websites, articles or books ALSO a great help … as I anticipate many questions on this from him !!
Caitriona Barclay


peter delaney

my great grandfather fought in the tan war in belfast in 1920s he was john mcfadden.he got comrac medal n was anti treaty.also his wife my great grandmother was bayonetted in her back by the bkack n tans.also her brother my great uncle was shot dead by nixons death squads in belfast in the 1920s.

——————————————————————————————————————-have pages from my grand uncle who was known as “Holy John”Obrien who lived in Tankerstown, Bruee Co Limerick . I would like to find out any more info on my grand uncle .
sean connaughton


Margaret Spearin (-
I am not sure if the J O’Reilly in the above photo is my grand uncle but he was definitely involved in the struggle. I would love to know more about his about his time with the IRA. Is there anywhere I can look at records from this time. Our Joe was from County Clare ( but could have been in Dublin at that time ). Joseph was born 1898 in Ballyglass Parteen County Clare and in 1922 he joined the Garda Siochana in 1922.


Oliver Horgan (-
I believe there was an Athlone man amongst the men that were killed in Clonmult. Was he Michael Hallihan or what was his name ? Are there any of his relations still alive ? There is a Republican Plot in the Holy Rosary Church graveyard in Midleton where those who lost their lives in Clonmult are buried. It is very well kept and for those with an interest in Irish history is well worth visiting.


john white  a chara,
im looking for a list of names of all vol’s from lusk,corduff who fought easter week with the fingal batt. i’ve a good few myself but dont want to leave any off. also any cumann na mban would be greatly appriciate.


IVO,I met your group in Moore st earlier today Sunday.I spoke to a USA member of the group,a Miss ENGLAND,she told me to search for her to send History info,but I forgot her 1st name for searching for her computer link,but I forgot it and so cant look for her to send ifo.She told me shes into photography and IRELAND,I told her I can tell her some items she would like to see,Eddie Kenny


Michael Rooney Would you have a list of the men in Mayo who died in the war of independence?

——————————————————————————————————————-Catherine B

I am seeking info on Old IRA Belfast, especially “A” Company 3rd Battalion. I have just acquired records from PRONI on an arrest of my grandfather Eneas McGibbon along with a Peter Cosgrove, 5 July 1922. Unfortunate for Eneas but fortunate for his daughter and grandchildren is that he was raided by the RIC and his pocket book identified him as IRA Belfast “A” Company 3rd Battalion. This was a gift to us who suspected Eneas was a fighter for the Republic but until this month no one knew definitively! I have been researching his life for 6 years. I have several arrest records for him, all having to do with fighting for Irish Independence. His was born in Mayfair St Belfast and lived at Parkview St. Are their lists of any kind for the old IRA? I have not seen one photo of his company. Does any one have knowledge of when this company would have been formed? What Division (if any) would A Company 3rd Battalion be a part of ? Any info is greatly appreciated
Thanks for responding Kieran and so quickly! I appreciate the link to Joe Murray’s statement, great info. I believe my grandfather was “involved” before the Belfast “A” Company was formed because we’ve uncovered a few arrests that pre-date 1921. Perhaps he was recruited in a similar way to Joe Murray. I know he did not apply for a pension because he had been arrested for Explosives in 1924 (we are awaiting that file from PRONI right now) and joined the crew of a ship in Nov 1925 then jumped ship in New York and settled in New Jersey. I’m actually curious if Eneas was one of the prisoners who was broken out of Mountjoy along with Michael Carolan and Sean Maginnis. Do you know of the raid I am referring to? Where armed IRA dressed as Civic Guards entered the jail on the pretense of bringing in new prisoners and then held the guards while they broke out 14-20 fellow IRA’ers. Do you know if there is a list of the men that actually escaped?
I appreciate any other suggestions for research you may think of!

——————————————————————————————————————-Chris wilson  i wonder could you please help. I am looking for information on a great great uncle of mine Peader Clancy. he was murdered in Dublin castle along with Dick Mckee and Connor Clunes. I hope you help

——————————————————————————————————————Kieron Ryan.
Whilst this is a magnificent memorial to the many who have fell in the service of this state while serving in the Defence Forces,among them a few comrades and friends of mine.
I find that it should be pointed out that the Government of Ireland for decades and even now are refusing to recognise and honour the service that all veterans of the Defence forces have given this country and especially those that served through out the troubles.
We as a nation do not have a Defence Forces Veterans day unlike most countries who see it as a duty to honour and recognise their servicemen and women.

——————————————————————————————————————-Stephen McSweeney

hello, i am looking for information about my great grandfather. my father recently said he had the military salute performed by Tom Barry at his funeral. is there a reference list i could see % see if it gives refernce to his being a volunteer? he lived in the Macroom area.
thanks for reading.

——————————————————————————————————————-Johanna Kelleher
Hi I am looking for information on my grandfather Hugh (Goff) Kelleher from the Townland of Gurranacoppal, (right near the Bell pub.) Clondrohid near Macroom. He was born in 1897 and was from a farming family his father was Daniel Kelleher and he had an uncle Michael Kelleher who was blind. His sister was Julia Kelleher. I do know from my uncle that he shot an English Sargeant (my uncle did tell me the shot man’s name but I cannot remember it.) Can anyone tell me which division would cover Macroom and Clondrahid. I remember my grandad talking about the Black and Tans burning houses in the area. If anyone could provide me with more information about the volunteers and their activities in this area, I would be very grateful..


Hi there,

I am trying to find out more about my grandfather who was a volunteer. I know very little of his history as he died before I was born and he only had four daughters who where never informed of his story. He was an Ennis man, and was interned but I dont know when or where. His name was Michael (miko) Scallan. Im not sure where to start so any help from yourselves would be great.
Thank you in advance


Kieran Glennon

Hi folks,

I’ve contributed to a number of discussions on your site in the past, mostly relating to the 3rd Northern Division and other matters relating to the War of Independence and Civil War as they affected the north.

Would you have any objections if I made reference to a book which I have written and which has recently been published by Mercier Press? Information about the book is available here:

I wouldn’t like to cause offence by just grabbing some free advertising, but the book may be of interest to visitors to the site.

——————————————————————————————————————-Barbara jean burger

This an identical uniform of my great grand father William dillon of Belfast n Ireland he was 18 years old his wife was Sarah Thomson if any one knows more of him please contact me. Thanks for this ray of family hope.

——————————————————————————————————————-Kieron Heath

my mother was born in Castlefield, Dundrum opposite what is now the Dundrum House Hotel. My mum’s name was Sarah Mary Ryan, daughter of John Ryan and Jane Ryan (nee Carew) from Bishopswood. My mum’s uncle, Michael Ryan, was killed during the war of 1919-1921. I am trying to find out exactly what happened to my great uncle -Michael. I would be grateful for any help you can provide.

——————————————————————————————————————-Brian Carroll  My late father, William Carroll [1901-1980] joined the Boys Section, ICA in April 1917. Is there any record confirming his service and the types of activities in which he was engaged? Thank you.”

——————————————————————————————————————-Joe Mooney  See link to article on Irish Citizen Army member William Halpin ( East Wall). As part of our ongoing work we are putting together the stories of local residents involved in the ICA , volunteers and other organisations. ( As part of this work we have access to the school records in both East Wall and North Wall , and will be of assistance to other researchers if possible). Joe Mooney.


Paul ruddy

Hello, I’m trying to find out about my grandad Joseph McDonnell who fought with the ira i believe around 1920’s or earlier. I am told he was involved by my family but he wasn’t one to talk about it and I was to young to listen. He never received a pension because of some reason not known, but he was given a military funeral on his passing.
He was from kincon in co mayo and was born in 1898. I am wondering is there anyway I can find out more information on him or if this is a common problem.

——————————————————————————————————————-Paula Turner

Dear Sirs, On the road through Knockalougha nr Knocknagoshel co Kerry, there is a monument to a fallen volunteer. I have viewed it on google maps, but am unable to zoom in close enough to read the inscriptions. I have been unable to find any records of the monument online. Do you know where I might look for information, or might you have any information concerning this monument?
Kindest Regards Paula Turner.



Tuskar Rock
E-mail :

I’ve been watching Eunan Ó hAilpín’s programme “In the Name of the Repuiblic” on TV3.
It would seem that the Cork No 1 Brigade shamed the otherwise honourable name of Irish Republicanism and dishonoured their country with their behaviour, by killing many innocent civilians, and with continuing a programme of revenge killings against people who had angered them, even after the Truce had been signed, refusing even to return to their relatives the bodies of those they had executed. I, who was always proud of our Army in the War of the Independence, am appalled and ashamed. It is clear they set at naught any good they may have done and I expect now have forfeited forever in the minds of many the high regard in which they formerly were held.

——————————————————————————————————————-michael horgan
Looking for information on my family. My family Horgan had several brothers who might have been volunteers in Limerick please email. Some of their name Ned Horgan,Luke Horgan Michael Horgan And Patrick Horgan.


My grandfather..Michael Malone of Croghan..Rhode Co.Offaly..I dont know of his past but the Tricolour was draped across his coffin as it left his  house in 1985.Just wondering if anyone knows more??
Joe Malone.