marguerite walsh

came upon your site by accident. Can get away from it now.
I live in shinrone Co Offaly and was wondering about the activities/ deaths that may have accured in the area, where do i go from here- any books or sites that can help

I am looking for information about my Grandfather Arthur John Lynch (b. 1901 Carrick on Suir). As a boy he was a member of Fianna Éireann and later the Irish Republican Army. During the war of Independence he was a member of Irish National Army and wounded at a skirmish at Dundrum, Tipperary (received the 1919-1921 The War Of Independence Medal Service Medal for his part as did his wife Catherine Cooney). I have not found any information on his military career, although I did find a reference to his father Thomas Aloysius Lynch, who has his Print works wrecked by British forces and was imprisoned (Coercion Act) and involvement in Land League (WS Ref #: 151 , Witness: James Ryan, Member IV, Clonmel, 1916.
BMH.WS0151.pdf, on page 15).
Any information at all will be gratefully received.

Fearghal Mac Bhloscaidh
Tá mé ag scríobh leabhair mar chuid de shraith Four Courts Press fá dtaobh de réabhlóid i dTír Eoghain agus ba mhaith liom úsáid a bhaint as an ghriangraf seo san fhoilisiúchán. Cad é mar a gheobhainn ceadúnas maidir le cóipcheart.

Kelley hennigan
Looking for Ellen Howard hennigan born 1834 died 1891 or 1893. Also her daughter Johanna Collins born 1852-54. Both buried in kilmurry cemetery? Would like to know planning on coming to Ireland 2014. Any help greatly appreciated. Kelley

Steve Ehrling
My Uncle Thomas Clarke was born in Co. Cavan in 1901 and died in New York, USA in 1959. When he died an obituary was printed by the IRA announcing the passing of one of there members Thomas Clarke, COmpany B, 4th Battalion, 3rd Northern Brigade, IRA. Can you provide any information regarding my uncle’s military involvement.

Micheal Scully
I have been working on organinsing the Offaly, Laosie & Westmeath Rolls of Honour for the past ten years or more. I have looked as much national archive and freestate army materials as well as local, national papers and got copies of census returns and witness statements. I would be more than grateful if any one could help me out with this project.

I have just this month completed a revised account of Vol Matthew Kane with photos, maps and other unreleased information.

I do like to get a second opinion on what i put to print. Especially for local republicans.

Again any help whatsoever would be greatly appreciated.

Sheila Conran
I’d love to have anything you’ve got. James Forristal appears on the same list of internees that my grandfathers name appears on – an eye witness statement from a James Ryan, O’Connell Tce., Clonmel , in the possession of the Bureau of Military History. I can send it to you if you don’t already have it. .

Brian McCabe
Have you any record of my grand uncle Billy (William) McCabe. He was from Fermanagh. We have his 50th anniversary medals from 1966 but I’m not sure how to find any trace of him. Any help would be great

John Dunne:
Do you have access to a list of recruits?

My Grandfather was in one of the ‘fighting’ organisations of the period, but the family don’t know which one.

His name was Thomas Kavanagh and he lived in Killiney Co Dublin.

I think he was tortured by the Black & Tans and a few of his friends died (as a result?)

He died himself in the late 50’s and his wife was approached, asking if she wanted a tricolour on the coffin and gun salute(?!). She declined.

Any ideas?


Jack McCullagh
if there exists any nominal rolls of members of the Irish Volunteers in the period 1910 – 1916.

My understanding is that my late father, John McCullagh of Caum, Killanardrish but then residing and working in Cork City, was one of those members of the IV who responded to John Redmond’s exhortations and joined the British Army to “fight for small nations” and served with the RAMC at a field hospital in Salonica.

I wonder if it is possible to establish his service record with the Volunteers? Any information, suggestions or leads you can give me will be appreciated.
John F. McCullagh
Skillman, New Jersey

Hi, i’m trying to get information on my wife’s father who was a volunteer Richard
( Dick) Cullen
he was born in the Glen of imaal in 1904 was interned and shared a cell with Sean T O’kelly so far as we know according to his obituary written by Chales Haughey after his passing in 1968 he had served under Cathal Brugha in the Rathmines brigade if you have any infirmation on him we would love to get it
Frank Lupton

I recently found out that my grandfather was a member of the IRA. is there anyway that you have any information or photos of his involvement in the IRA that you could share with me.
His name was Thomas Patrick Sullivan or O’Sullivan born 5/11/1902 and died in Limerick 12/4/1985
I believe his funeral had soldiers there and a flag placed over his coffin so I’m gathering he played a big part in the IRA to have this send off when he passed away.
If there is anything further you need please don’t hesitate to email, I really appreciate any assistance you can offer me and I look forward to hearing back from you.


Amanda O’Sullivan

John Joe Robinson (Moneenbog, Tarmonbarry)
My great uncle John was the Captain of Ruskey Coy. in the 3rd Battalion North Roscommon. I’ve been looking for info on him for years. I did find stuff on him in “The put the flag a Flyin'” But I was hoping to find a photo of him and his Battalion. I’m looking for info on when he past too but can’t find anything.
Peggy Mitchell Gay

Tá mé ag scríobh leabhair mar chuid de shraith Four Courts Press fá dtaobh de réabhlóid i dTír Eoghain agus ba mhaith liom úsáid a bhaint as an ghriangraf den Chumann na mBan ar an Omaigh (deireann sé James Langton in aice leis) san fhoilisiúchán. Cad é mar a gheobhainn ceadúnas maidir le cóipcheart
Fearghal Mac Bhloscaidh

Brian Hegarty
Do you have any information about my great uncle, Jack Roche, who fought at kilmichael and crossbarry ambush? Perhaps a photograph, etc.

michael horgan
Looking for info on my familiy from Limerick name of Horgan. Ned ,Luke ,Patrick, Michael in IRA or free state army

Christine Balconis
I am searching for a copy of “Sleep, Soldier, Sleep”. I have Farrell’s books looking for it. But I seem to be running out of options. Particularly since I’m in New York. Can you

I am trying to find out information about my grandfather, John Healy (aka Sean), born Menlo, Co. Galway, 1894, who was an Irish volunteer since around 1915. Are there any records or lists that can be accessed? Thanks so much.
Lorraine Healy

One thing I would love is information about my First cousin once removed (My dads first cousin) who grew up together in Howth.

It is GEORGE GILMORE. Remember meeting him when I was very young when we were on holiday in Ireland from the UK. but don’t remember much about him.

My Grandchild came across his name and when I told him they were related he wanted to know much more about him, so I wonder could someone give me as much information about George.

Also could someone tell me why my Aunt Frances Gilmore (known as fanny) Nee Angus. was sent to prison, and how long she was held there.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Heather Graham

Roseleen Walsh

I am writing a play about Cuman mBan and have been trying to get their original oath for some time now with out any success. I was wondering if you could help me. I would be grateful your could.

Patricia Bridson
Can you please confirm that no plaques etc to the Black and Tans will will be part of the refurbishment of the Kilmichael heritage site
Patricia Brison Editor, CARN magazine of the Celtic League organisation as a matter of urgency

Liam Higgins
My grandfather Jack Nicholas may have been a volunteer in the East Limerick brigade. He was from Cappamore. It is claimed in the family that he was present at the Dromkeen ambush as a 16 year old, but not for when the patrol actually turned up. Is this credible?

Philip Chambers
Seeking information about my grandfather James Chambers and grand uncle Philip Chambers both from
Both involved in Kilmichael ambush

My Nanna edith manning was sent to NZ from england as a child separated from her siblings. We have been tracing her family history. Her brother Charles J manning born 1912 we think ran away from the home he was put in. It is beleived he joined the irish army. I have been told he was in the black and tans. However i thought it would have been 1928 that he joined the army as that is the year he ran away. Is there any way of knowing if Charles manning son of James and Florence joined the black and tans. It is also thought that he went to India at somestage to serve. We do have a photo of him in the army however i am yet to be sent a copy.

Would anyone know where I could see the prison registers for Spike Island for 1921. I am trying to trace John Burke who was interned there in 1921. His last known address was 40 Rutland Square, Dublin.
Many thanks,
Ann Marie

Would you have an email address for the poster of the message below? He also posted some photos, one of a graveside firing party that I may have some info on.
“Micheal douglas and willie douglas(his brother) in their na fianna uniforms (aged 12-13) also as young men in different uniforms. My granddad took part in the raid on Monks Bakery (kevin baryy) and I printed evidence of this. Would it be something that you would be interested in. My dad is still alive 80 years and he tells stories of how is dad was in Ballykinler interment camp how do we get info on this. Also we have a picture of my grandad in a parade of men carrying out a gun salute at a funeral. My grandad died in 1952 so it would be pre that era ?”

Hi to you. Do you have any information on your site re Lt. Daly known as “Fecker”, who operated in the Fermoy/araglen areas in North Cork. As far as I can ascertain he was involved in searching for mines in the Araglen area which the local IRA members were suspected of planting. One in particular at the Elizabeth bridge in Araglen. Thanking you.
Noel Hynes.

marilyn gowler
I am searching for any history on my late father William Hill. he was stationed at Mallow with the RIC and lived at Foleys Pub. Can you direct me to anyone who is likely to know the Foleys or can help.

Brian Little
I am looking into my grandfather active time with the Longford brigade . His name was John Little and was I believe a Batt PO I do not know what this was and so need someone to help explane what this was .He was from Drumlish in Co Longford .

Patricia Duff
My enquiry is re Michael and Matt Moroney. I have a photo of Austin Stack;s 1st Brigade of I.R.A. Tralee 1914 with Michael in it. He fled to Manchester after being warned by a friend at Croke park Bloody Sunday that he was a wanted man.
Matt joined about 1918 with Dan Keating,, John Riordan, Jerry OConnor and a few other men. they were involved in The Ballyseedy massacre , we believe Matt was executed. can this be confirmed, any help is great. many thanks Patricia N.Z.