Information required on my Grandfather and his brother,both were Volunteers in IRA in early 1900s
My Grandad Frank Brandon 1900-1966 and lived in Dun Laoghaire, and his brother Willie Hunter,who was older,but i dont have his birth or death date.
My Grandads brother willie,was older and more senior in IRA,and i was told he died in prison,after a prison protest,but not sure if in Ireland or he had been sent to English prison,and both of my relatives,were members of either Dun Laoghaire/Dublin IRA.
As you can see very little to go on but maybe you could point me in right direction for information.
Many Thanks
Michael Hunter

Dear Sir/Madam,

Apologies if this email is not something you might be able to help me with.

I wonder if there is anyone at your organisation who might know of my Great Aunt who died as a young female despatch rider during the conflict. Her surname was Donovan (or O’Donovan) and she was reportedly shot during an incident or executed by the Black and Tans. I am not sure of the date but she would have been about 17-19 years old at the time of death which might have been recorded somewhere and might be in the records? Apologies for not knowing her first name which I recall as being Mary/Margery/Margaret.

Her sister (my long dead grandmother) was Honora/Nora (O) Donovan.

There was a Ross in the family name but apparently that was dropped by the family who were a farming family from Cork.

Kind regards,

Nicholas Powell, London
Would you by any chance have a photograph of my grandmother, Teresa Reddin, who I believe was the first Treasurer of Cumann na mBan? Or any documentation?
Thank you.
I have a copy of the original picture above of F Coy, Batt II Dublin Brigade 1913-1921
If anyone wants a free copy contact me at athcarne@yahoo.com
My Grandfather Peter Doran is in this photo, which hung in his home in Emerald Square,Dolphins Barn.
I would be glad to get any information / stories on this period.
Tony Redmond

I’ve been looking for pictures of Joe Dolan, a member of the Squad and a pall bearer at Michael Collins’s funeral. Do you know if there are any pictures of him anywhere? Any biographical information would be helpful as well.
Hello my father Joseph Savage,Dentist was a member 3rd Nth Division… I have some artifacts relating to him which I wish to dispose of meaningfully…to assist this,I require information about an association of members of Pre Truce IRA 3rd Nth Division 1916-1921…I have a scroll dated July 11th 1971, signed by Charles Ryan chairman and Hugh P Kennedy secretary…can you help pleaase
I have a photograph of a group of Volunteers, which includes my Father, Thomas Mannix. Also Thomas McCurtain and Terence McSwiney I’m told.
I would be very interested to know who the others are and for what reason the photo was taken. I think it was taken at Blackpool National School, Cork. I can upload it or send a copy.
Thank you.


I’m trying to find ancestors of Hurley’ involved in the 1916 Uprising from Cork’ thank you s very much’ O.E.Murray’ from Vancouver Canada.

Olivia Elayne Murray


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I am looking for biographical information regarding Tom Kelleher, his date of birth, parents’ names, and place of birth. Can you direct me to a resource for this information? Thank you.
John Kelleher.
I am trying to find documentation for my grandfather, John J. Nolan, who we have always believed was involved in the war for independence. He was an Irish tenor who performed via the Walter McNally Opera comapny. He was called Shaun O’Farrell. Can you direct me to any resources I might be able to check?
Thank you,
Maribeth Nolan
Am doing some research regarding my paternal grandfather, Thomas A. O’Connor, born April 1900 Dublin, died April 1949, Brooklyn, NY. He served as an IRA section commander of Company B, 1st Battalion of the Dublin Brigade (1916-1923).. Would like to learn of his actions, and/or any awards/medals he earned to educate myself and my son. My father (born 1941) was to receive his father’s IRA medals upon his dad’s death, but the medals were sadly lost. It would be great to find these for him before he passes someday.
Warm regards,
Rory O’Connor

I was born and raised in around Castle Street and Grand Parade.Tom Barry used to drink around the corner in Moore’s pub in Daunt Square where a place called Hair Inc opposite the Roundy House as it was called back then.Moore’s pub had a strong republican connection I think one of the son’s was interned in 1971 or 72 again I could be wrong. Moore’s closed down in the 1970s or early 1980s.There was another pub in daunt Square called the West Cork Bar where the O’ Brien’s sandwiches are now.

Also the Old IRA had an office in 83 Gran Parade where McHugh House is now. First floor – the entrance was in St Augustine Street (doesn’t exisit anymore)

Joan Manton the brother of Der Manton ran a shop in Paul Street and he used to pop in there for his shopping or Levis which was near Kilgrew’s toyshop shop in 83 Grand Parade where McHugh House is now. I think he used to get his hair cut at Christy Byrnes or Burns the Barber where Moore Auctioneers are or were. On the corner of Paul Street and the Coal Quay was the Economy Butchers where he used to visit as well. Some more stuff will come back to me but I hope that will be of help. I’m not sure how true this is but I think my Gran used to visit a relative of Michael Collins in Castle Street at No 15 I think there was a butchers on the Ground floor. hope this helps fill in some background.

Hope this helps you with some background colour about the man and the area where he lived during the time as I remember it during 1960s, 1970s and early 1980s.




I am tracing the history of Volunteer Gerald Keogh, who was killed in front of Trinity College on Easter Tuesday 1916. Gerald was half-brother of my grandfather – Bartholomew Keogh.

Regarding the republicans who were buried in Glasnevin, what is the difference between the “Republican plot” which is close to the main entrance of the cemetery and the “1916 plot”, which is on the other side of the road in a small field belonging to the graveyard? Why were the 1916 combatants separated in this manner?

Gerald Keogh is buried in the 1916 plot. He was interred for a time in the grounds of Trinity College before being brought to the city morgue and finally, placed in Glasnevin.

Gerald had access to family grave in Glasnevin. I am, therefore, not sure why he was interred in the 1916 plot; did the authorities forbid his burial outside a mass grave?

Raymond M. Keogh
———————————————————————could you trace if Joseph Doyle Rathturkin Clonroche Co Wexford was interred approx 1921
He was my grandfather
imelda browne
I am interested in a James Breslin-Brislane from Liscarroll, Co. Cork. He was a comander under M. Collins. I am a cousin. He left for N.Y. but returned to Ireland in the 50’s … I would like some info and a photo please.
Tom Breslin
i am researching a member of family who is was killed on 24April 1916 her name was Florance Sheil i have been told she died on the uprising any help plz any one