Name of memorial: Colt 1916 Memorial

Place: Colt, Portlaoise, Co. Laois

Address and map reference: On N8 Portlaoise to Abbeyleix road, about 6km south of Portlaoise.
Map reference: S 4555 9220 (Sheet 54)

Position: At roadside, in an enclosure with a low stone wall.

Description and dimensions: Granite pillar with cast-iron plaques. Height: 300cms. Width: 100cms. Depth

Recorded by: Michael Dolan, May, 2010.

Reproduction of the Proclamation of the Republic.
Relief image of the de-railed train.

Text of plaque:

On Easter Sunday night, 23rd April, 1916, acting under
the direct orders of Patrick Pearse, the Laois Volunteers
participated in the demolition of a section of the Abbeyleix-
Portlaoise railway line at a location near here.

The purpose of this exercise was to prevent British
military reinforcements from reaching Dublin via Waterford
after the Rising had started. This demolition was followed by
the firing of the first shot of the 1916 Rising.

Other activities engaged in by the Laois Volunteers
included an attempted similar demolition of the Carlow-
Kildare railway line and a raid on Wolfhill R.I.C. Barracks.

This Memorial has been erected in honour of the Laois
Volunteers listed below, as a tribute to their foresight, bravery
and enterprise.

Eamon Fleming O/C – The Swan
Patrick J. Ramsbottom Vice O/C – Portlaoise
Lorcan O’Brádaig Q.M. – Lalors Mills

Thomas F. Brady – Lalors Mills
Michael Gray – Portlaoise
Patrick Muldowney – Portlaoise
John Muldowney – Portlaoise
Colum Holohan – Portlaoise
Michael Walsh – Portlaoise
Terence Byrne – Knockalde
James Ramsbottom – Fossey
Patrick J. Fleming – The Swan
Noreen Brady – Lalors Mills
Michael J. Sheridan – Portlaoise
John Frawley – Wolfhill
Kathleen Brady – Lalors Mills
Seán Maguire – Dublin
Mrs May Conroy (nee Brady) – Lalors Mills
Breda Conroy (nee Brady) – Lalors Mills