Day by day account of the Irish War of Independence – as it happened!


Aubane Historical Society is proud to announce the first ever publication since 1919-21 of the “Irish Bulletin”, the journal of the Irish Government during the War of Independence. It contains a wealth of factual information that will prove a major resource for all interested in the period. This first volume of the journal (12th July 1919 – 1st May 1920) is reproduced as faithfully as possible to the original. Further volumes will follow.


The aim of the Irish Bulletin was to provide people outside Ireland – particularly politicians, diplomats and journalists – with the Irish Government’s case and the facts of the war that it had to wage, given the suppression by the British authorities of all press and other publications putting that case.


Compiled and issued for the Dáil by Erskine Childers, Robert Brennan, Frank Gallagher, Desmond Fitzgerald and Kathleen McKenna, the Irish Bulletin was a simple newssheet produced with minimal resources and under constant threat of suppression. It was an underground publication, though the voice of a legitimate government, but became one of the most powerful weapons in the war that eventually succeeded.


“IRISH BULLETIN”, VOL. 1, 12th July 1919 – 1st May 1920.  ISBN 978-1-903497-74-6, 490 pp., with preface, historical introduction and appendices, Hard-back €55, Soft-back €36.



will be launched on

Friday, 16th November, at 8pm

at the Ireland Institute, Pearse House, 27 Pearse St., Dublin




Host: Ms Nora Comiskey, President, The 1916-1921 Club

Launching the book: historian Dr. Brian P. Murphy OSB

Questions and discussion, chaired by Philip O’Connor