The Irish Volunteer Commemorative Organisation seeks to preserve the memory, the ideals, and the aspirations of the Irish volunteer from 1913-1923.

Our goals and objectives are to work towards a cohesive strategy to remember and to acknowledge the sacrifice of the men, the women, and the children that fought in the GPO and in the battles of the Irish war of independence for the greater good of the Irish nation.

We as a society feel that in the years leading up to the centenary of the formation of the Irish volunteers (Óglaigh na h-Éireann) in November 1913 and also the fast approaching centenary of the Easter rising 1916 ( Éirigh amach na gCáisc), that it is imperative that the nation as a whole, whether it be as individuals or as members of structured societies such as our own, pay proper homage to the Irish volunteers of 1913-1923 and take every opportunity to participate in activities that recognise the valiant deeds and sacrifices of this bye gone generation.

This is the true essence of our history, our shared culture and the blood that runs through our veins as Irish people, this is truly a defining milestone in Irish society were in 1916 our soldiers established for the first time in 750 years the re establishment of the right of self determination for our peoples inhabiting this island of Ireland.

It is important that this generation (US/WE) give something back to future generations in preserving the memories of our soldiers, their deeds and their testaments of days gone bye 1913-1923.

Our Irish volunteers commemorative organisation is a living breathing interactive society with members both nationally in Ireland and abroad in a range of foreign countries. We are comprised of historians, private collectors, public servants, teachers, soldiers, civic guards, white collar workers, blue collar workers, students and retired men and women, all with a commonality of interests in giving back to the Irish people a pride in being Irish and more importantly a lasting pride in the deeds and memories of our forefathers.

We have developed a data base of individual testimonials, photographs and government released accounts of personalities of the deeds of our soldiers who took up the gauntlet of Irish freedom in their hands and fought the greatest imperialist empire the world has ever known.

Our forefathers lit the torch of freedom for every other nation that was enslaved under the rule of the British empire, our fore fathers inspired the desire, the thirst and the thrust for our freedom and for the establishment of a free Ireland, for the right of self determination for ourselves and also motivated and fostered that desire in other subjugated nations and peoples.

Our soldiers Óglaigh na h-Éireann made the dream become a reality for us and for other nations throughout the world by their example, so we strive to preserve their memory for the future generation of Irish men, women and children.

As an organisation we provide lectures, displays to the public, to private organisations, to museums, to educational facilities such as schools, colleges and universities, and also to individual students that request our help or assistance in understanding early 20th century Irish history.

We as an organisation have a significant collection of uniforms and artifacts that help to portray the every day life of Óglaigh na h-Éireann in the time period 1913-1923 thanks to the good will of our membership and in particular to the generosity of Pat Ó Hagan our president.

However it should be noted although we actively encourage and seek to build bridges with other like minded organisations and societies we do so with the caviat that we solely are interested in a particular period in time of Irish history which portrays a unique time frame in Irish modern history that is 1913- 1923, as we do not seek to venture beyond these years as other grouping and societies have already laid claim to covering these periods in Irish history and we the administration feel we best serve the goals and objectives of the Irish volunteer commemorative organisation by clearly defining the parameters to be 1913- 1923.

At a conference earlier on this morning the Irish volunteers Commemorative Society has reaffirmed that it is and will remain a stand alone society and is not and will not be affiliated to any other society, grouping, or political party. We are concerned solely with the history of the Irish Volunteers 1913-1923. We have no interest in current political concerns or history post 1923. If this does not suit some then they are requested to leave now or they will be removed in any event.

We have been at pains to stress this point but some members have not taken the point seriously and have attempted to drag the society in to areas that do not concern us. Any member who will not abide by these simple rules will be removed.