The Irish Volunteers Commemorative Organisation had a fantastic turnout last Saturday for our display commemoration & wreath laying service at the Middle Parish Community Hall, Grattan St., Cork in honour of Patrick Hanley, Na Fianna Eireann who was gunned down by the R.I.C in his own home in Cork City.

It was officially launched by Hon. Lord Mayor John Buttimer, of whom went on to give a speech about the importance of keeping our history very much alive & in particular that the children of today be told of our past & our heritage and recommended that the Irish Volunteer Commemorative Organisation and its displays should be brought to schools. His talk was well received by the well attended crowd and we would like to thank him for his attendance.

Denis Barry, grand nephew of Commandant Denis Barry of Cork 1 Brigade, also gave a very informative lecture on the history of the Volunteers and Na Fianna, reiterating his appeal for a commemorative monument (preferably located on grand parade where the old Sinn Fein offices were). Again we thank Denis for his attendance and sharing his vast knowledge of Irish history.

The last speaker was Mr. Billy McGuire, president of the IRB & holder of the seal. As usual, Billy surpassed himself and awed the crowd with his unequalled knowledge of the first & second constitution, outlining to all present the importance of understanding your rights under the constitution. He is a man with immense energy and never fails to eloquently get his point across like the true gentleman he is.

IVCO would like also to thank Caroline O’Callaghan & her father and uncle who attended. Caroline is the grand-niece of Seamus Quirke, Lt. in the Cork Fianna Eireann, shot to death by British Auxiliaries in Galway, Sept. 9, 1920. It was very touching to see his personal items. And our members were only too delighted to show and explain their history to the public on Saturday last, so a very special thank you to you, Caroline, her father and uncle for sharing their story as our organisation is based on people like them and would not last without their input.

Last but by no means least, a member of the public donated a letter he had in his possession written by hand by Comd. General Tom Barry and this letter has never been seen in public before and we are delighted to announce that the public can see it at our next display (yet to be decided). Without donations of this importance our society would not be as vibrant as it is & all our donors know that we are a non profit / non political organisation and all our members give of their time freely and everything we receive by way of documents, etc. will be shown to the public & not locked away in a drawer and treated by us with a love of Irish history with the reverence these items of history deserve.

Finally, may we take this opportunity of thanking everyone who showed up on Saturday including Knockraha Society, National Graves Association, James who traveled from Dublin, Joe Healy, Diarmuid, Martin O’Reilly and the many other members, and author Padraig O’Ruairc who was an integral part of the exhibition. Padraig has supported us well in the past.

The lads from the north were snowed in but we will be meeting them soon at the next exhibition.

Lord Mayor of Cork John Buttimer speaking to the Irish Volunteer Commemorative Organisation
Saturday March 23rd, at Middle Parish, Corcaigh

Denis Barry speaking to the Irish Volunteer Commemorative Organisation

Middle Parish, Corcaigh 23 March 2013


Many thanks to Gearóid Ó Bruácháin for for the videos,a great job done.