Hello all,

We have been asked to put up more pictures of memorabilia that we have on display around the country. Please see the pictures below. These include Irish volunteer cap badges, Irish war of Independence medals, 1916 Rising medals, also firearms of the period. Do not forget that we will have a display and lecture on in Cork city on July 8. See  https://irishvolunteers.org/exhibitions-commemorations/

1916 Rising medal cased and volunteer badge

1916 Rising Armband

IRA broom handle” peter the painter” c 96 mauser with but extension

cumann na mban brooch and cap badge

door handle GPO 1916 rising

Irish Volunteers Dublin Brigade cap Badge

IRA Prisoners fund badge

IRA black and tan medal with comrac bar and volunteer badge

IRA thompson sub- machine guns

IRA Volunteers “peter the painter”

IRA webley revolver

irish volunteer belt buckle

Irish volunteer c 96 broom handle

irish volunteer cap badge white metal

Irish volunteer cap badge

Irish volunteer cap badges

Irish volunteer insignia

Irish volunteer rifle lee enfield

irish volunteer rifle

irish volunteer trefoil

limerick brigade cap badge

mayo brigade cap badge

tipperary brigade cap badge

irish volunteer rifle

1916 Rising armband printed

Dublin Boys League 1916 Medal

Irish Citizen Army cap badge & cyphers

Irish volunteers Cork Brigade cap badge

Kevin Barry Lock of hair and Memorial card

Na Fianna Medal

Oglaig na hEireann cert

Terence Macswiney Padraig Pearse Thomas Ashe Medals

Wolfe Tone medal

Clare brigade cap badge

Irish Volunteer with Clare cap Badge