Yesterday, The Irish Volunteers Commemorative Organisation held an outstanding exhibition in Wynn’s Hotel in Dublin’s city centre. It was a fantastic success, and we were delighted with the massive turn out and interest. Members of the general public brought family heirlooms along to share, display, and make enquiries about their relatives who took part in the period. It was great to meet our esteemed colleagues from Cork and Belfast, who are the backbone of the Organisation. Great to meet members of the Committee team again, Garry O’Brien, Brian Crowley and John Sweeney in particular who always give us (Dublin members) a very warm welcome when visiting Cork.

We would like to thank the members of ‘Lord Edwards Own,’ re-enactors who traveled up from Kildare for the show dressed in IV and ICA costumes, adding plenty of pageantry to the event. Indeed a very special thanks to our own members, Paul Callery and Rod Dennison, for their outstanding contribution on the occasion. They not only dressed in IV uniform, but helped throughout the day with requests from members of the public inquiring about the period 1913-1923.

Thank you to the men from Cork for their outstanding collection on full display, and our colleagues from Belfast for bringing down memorabilia from the Roddy McCorley Museum to display for the public to enjoy. Many thanks also to Paul Callery for bringing along his fantastic display and historic collection which added to the whole event.

Many thanks also to our speakers Mrs. Lucille Redmond, granddaughter of 1916 Leader and signatory of the 1916 Proclamation, Thomas MacDonagh, and our very good friend and renowned author, Mr. Ray Bateson. Just to mention that Ray has published a fantastic new book, ‘Memorials of the Easter Rising’, which will be launched in Dublin’s Kilmainham Jail shortly. We wish Ray, who carries out outstanding work for the NGA, the very best with his new book.

A presentation was made on behalf of The Irish Volunteers Commemorative Organisation to Wynn’s Hotel. This was in the form of a beautifully inscribed plaque of the 1916 Proclamation. It was presented to the hotel by Tom Murphy and his wife and extended family, relatives of Eamon Martin.

Throughout the day, many people passed through the doors besides the members of the general public. We had veterans’ relatives from the Rising, The War of Independence, and the Civil War. We had T.D.s, Councillors, Writers/Authors, Researchers, the press, and many more. From all of us, a heart felt thank you.

Our next event will be held at The Felons Club, Falls Road, Belfast on Saturday, October 5th. The exhibition will open at and close at 5 pm. All welcome.