Member Kevin Cross has sent a report of the works taking place at the famous Kilmichael ambush site, we would like to hear other opinions on what people think about it,e  mail us at

Short Video below:

Kilmichael ambush site



A report below from April 11:

Kilmichael,,recently we visited Klmichael,here are the photos ,they have put in pathways leading to where the different sections of the IRA were located,good idea there. Overall the layout is not bad,with parking spaces provided. Personally speaking I would have preferred that they had left it as is. It remains to be seen what they will install there next, I think they should stop now and leave it,we do not need a model of a crossley tender there, nor another monument,there is one there already. A member spoke to them in Crossbarry recently and they have said again they are not putting a memorial to the Auxies there.Please any members passing by send in more pics over the coming while.



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