By Mike Vearnals:

LT. GENERAL JOE McKELVEY 8th DECEMBER 1922 Executed by firing squad by Free State Troops in Mountjoy Jail in Dublin, alongside Rory O’Connor, Liam Mellows and Richard Barrett. Their only guilt was that they opposed the Treaty. Joe McKelvey, although born in Stewartstown, Co. Tyrone, grew up in Cyprus Street, Belfast and was involved from an early age in the Republican movement, rising to command the 3rd Northern Division. A huge turnout lined the Falls Road for the funeral following Mass in St. Mary’s Church, Chapel Lane.

Joe McKelvey and Eoin O’Duffy in the Falls Park, Belfast

By Risteard O’Murchu:

From the left Seamus Woods, Tom McNally, Joe McKelvey & Frank Crummey, IRA 3rd Northern Division shortly after truce July 1921