I was wondering if you could you help me find records relating to my grandfather’s cousin, MP McMahon. He was part of the Meelick IRA in the early 1900’s. See below a newspaper article from the Limerick Chronicle in 1921 re his funeral; it seems that it was very big but I can’t find any record of him online.


I do know that when my my Dad was a child, he was given a book by a friend to borrow and show to his father. The book, we think, had a photo of MP McMahon.  However my grandfather subsequently confiscated the book and our family have never seen it since.

My Dad and I wondered if the reason my grandfather confiscated the book was because he was a De Valera supporter and this MP McMahon may have been a Collins supporter, but this is just a theory.


All that my Dad and I know is that MP McMahon was born in 1901, from Ballynantymore, Limerick and died in 1921. However, in the census he is listed as Micheal S A McMahon, which is another thing we can’t understand.


Any information/assistance would be great. See the link below:





Many Thanks,


Deirdre McMahon