A word on  my Great-Uncle Paddy McLogan, by Len Costelloe:



I am putting together anything I can find out about my Great-Uncle Paddy McLogan of Lisnagat County Armagh for personal interest and for the use of anyone else who wants to know more about this amazing man.

Here is a VERY brief intro…….

He had a very long career in the Republican movement beginning when he was recruited into the I.R.B in Liverpool by an uncle of his Keil Kerr

[sr] of Bootle.
He fought in the G.P.O. In 1916 as a very young man [under 18 years old] I believe under the supervision of James Connolly.
After the rising,he was sent to Frongoch Internment Camp in Wales,and on his release went to Belfast where he quickly joined up with other I.R.B. members there. He later went to Bray,where he worked as a milkman and fought under Desmond Fitzgerald in the local I.R.A. Battalion.
In 1917 whilw in Mountjoy Jail,he went on Hunger Strike with Thomas Ashe of County Kerry,who subsequently died in the Mater Hospital from the effects of force-feeding.Paddy survived but was to suffer with ill-health for the rest of his life.

Paddy mcLogan IRA


Here is a news clipping of the unveiling of the official National Graves Association headstone on his grave,just shy of a year after his death in July 1964. An interesting snippet about Paddy is that he was Chauffeur to Countess Markiewicz when they returned home after the 1916 rising!

national graves association



I am still gathering info,so I will be sorting it all into chronological order and will keep you all posted if people are interested?